I’m not gossiping…………(I’m networking!)

Well here we go….. my words are exploding out there into the world of blog! I plan for this to be a very lighthearted blog; gossipy, fun and full of tattle tale stories about my everyday life. Which hopefully will make you smile, occasionally laugh and hopefully appreciate the funny little things that happen to you on a daily basis.

Why should I expect you to read about my life though when you know absolutely zilch about me? Well I don’t and you will gradually learn about me as the blogs go on. The basics: I am female. I am 26. And yes you think we are going down that whole single lady daily blogger route, inspired by Carrie from Sex and the City and all that??……… and I can’t deny I love that show but No. I am in a relationship, have been for 7 years (hopefully no seven year itch…apart the huge itch I get to throw his old, sticky trainers out but more about that later!) and as for a city? No way, it’s a very small town but even being attached in a non-city, I think I have plenty of funny tit-bits to share with you (and that is in no way a pun in relation Sex and the City…there will be no tits on here I’m afraid so stop reading now if that’s what you think you’re getting!)

I’m going to risk cutting my audience in half already by telling you that I am currently not working and have been enjoying the summer sun. All. Day. Long. mmmmm… No I’m not unemployed. Or in prison. Or on the run. Something much more sinister…. I work in a school! And it’s the summer holidays hurrah!. And whatever you all non-school working people out there think.. I DO deserve this time off haha! I am not a part timer like my boyfriend likes to tease me!

So yes, you may get some lengthy blogs over the next few weeks but I promise I won’t lose interest in September… they may become more frazzled, shorter and damn right full of frustration but they will still exist!

My problem with this blog, I’ll confide in you, is that i want to tell you everything…. the fact that I put sunglasses on to do the washing up this morning, the fact that I just received another blooming phone call off a company that I’ve never heard of and also about the test drive that I went on today in a Toyota Yaris (I am thinking of purchasing one) where I felt like I was on a driving lesson until the bloke said ‘Go fast here there are no cameras!’ But I won’t bombard you with everything just yet.

So yes I like to talk and I don’t want to talk your ears off in my first blog. I also have to remind myself that This is not a Diary. This is not a Diary. I must not spill all my secrets on here…………anyway, besides I don’t gossip, I network. 😉

See you tomorrow.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. samanthagray9
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 14:10:51

    Was told the comments arent working so here is a test! I am not high fiving my own work or anything…..


  2. Tanya
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 01:07:20

    I am high fiving you Sam! Looking forward to everything you write 🙂 x x x


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