Afternoon! My week this week has involved helping the elderly out quite a bit. Firstly there was my elderly neighbour who had the BT man come to fix his phone. I agreed to stay in all morning so I could help to make sure he understood everything when the BT man came. His phone was really fuzzy, crackly and you couldn’t hear a thing on it…. which is what I told BT when I rang off my phone to report it. You know how they let him know they were on their way?? By phoning him!! You’ve got to love the logic of the professionals….. and they were also phoning a man hard of hearing, didn’t stand a chance of being understood!! But it all got sorted in the end.

Today, I took my Grandad to the dentist. It got me wondering about age and the fact that there is role reversal after a certain time. They take us places and look after us and after a certain time we have to do that for them. My Grandad was very appreciative of me coming with him and actually gave me a little present… and I bet you can never guess what it is…infact I’m going to tell you tomorrow… so comment below if you have an idea! Clues: It would never be considered a normal gift yet it is useful and it is white. Haha makes me laugh just thinking about it again……….

So yes I’ve done the bit for the elderly bit this week… and normally I work with kids so guess something has to keep me busy in the absence of that. Something I hate to admit to myself is that I have much more patience with kids though. Don’t know about the rest of you? They can both be grumpy, stubborn and awkward but I just feel kids have the optimism an energy to go with it!! But saying that of course I love my Grandad dearly (especially with such fantastic presents that I receive!) and care for my neighbours too…..I definitly admire people who care for the elderly as a job!

Moving onto modern affairs……So the Olympics are starting?…. Do I feel excited? Mmmmm…. I know I should and I really want to. I’m always very open about how I feel about any sporting events and that is that I honestly think I’m missing the ‘sporting/competitive gene’. I’ve never been competitive about anything really and just like to have fun. I have a few mates who make fun of me because of this and they can’t understand that when we go bowling for example, that I can’t say I’ve had a better day if I win (which I rarely do win!). I just don’t get it because as long as I’ve had a laugh with mates and a great big laugh at my bowling skills expense then I’ve had a good day; getting 30 points extra (make that 50!) and thrashing my mates would not end in a better overall day.  So yes the Olympics.. of course I want us to win and I am ever so slightly excited that it’s in our country but you won’t be seeing me jumping up and down in front of the TV, let alone the actual arena. I don’t get that adrenaline thrill and urge to shout and scream…. the noise just doesn’t surface out of my mouth. But on the inside I am secretly hoping they do well. This is how I felt when Euro 2012 was on, I was actually quite excited (for me) when the penalties were occurring…. so I am getting better! I am a silent supporter.

I am more excited by the fact that 2012 seems a fascinating year and a great year to talk about after all our celebrations; something to tell the grandchildren! What with the jubilee, Olympics and er… ah I guess that’s it but exciting stuff and I even wrote a poem about the year. Yes, you may find some poems splashed on the blog pages occasionally. I like to write them and think of myself of a very unexperienced and beginner poet…. and many people don’t know it! So see what you think……..

Twenty Twelve Months


…..A new year of my life,

Every month, I swear no strife!


No January blues for me,

I’ll save money, lose weight, you’ll see


Valentine visit from Cupid

but for me? Oh don’t be stupid!


But I don’t mind, I have me,

March is here, I can see


the sun! The late winter sun

and April showers, oh what fun!


Umbrellas are out on parade,

May Day fun to be played,


Jubilee time for the queen,

Time to see and be seen


by athletes all over the earth,

July gives Olympics twenty twelve a birth,


hot, hot, hot August sun, but

even with rain we still have fun,


or if an Indian summer does arise

and takes us by surprise,


like when trick or treaters at the end,

of October drive us round the bend,


November bring us orange and red

leaves and fashion to be led


into the winter, cold and cold,

Merry Christmas, you’ll be told!


Another end of year is here

And some will moan but I will cheer,


A new year of my life

And this time I really mean no strife!


No January blues for me,

I’ll save money, lose weight, you’ll see….

(maybe it is just a normal year after all!)

……and see you tomorrow.


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