Tears into my Cotton Wool

Hello people….. well today I have the exciting news that I have bought a new car!!! It was the one that I went for a speedy test drive that I mentioned to you on Monday. It was quite a novelty to actually see the car let alone test drive it before buying it… You see 4 years ago when I bought my very first car I hadn’t even passed my test and I was really not interested and I hated driving lessons. My Dad went car shopping with my sister for a car for her and my Dad just happened to phone me and say, ‘They have another KA, a red one, do you want it?’ I may have asked a few other questions including the cost but other than that I agreed. Dad paid and I then repaid him later. Done deal. A car bought without even seeing it… shows my faith in my Dad if nothing else I guess!

The second novelty of having a new car is the fact that (since I have only ever had a KA) I can take four passengers now…. four! It has three seats in the back! And get this…. it has four doors! (Or five to speak in car lingo but I’ve never got that whole boot as a door thing… can you imagine? ‘Buddy, my shopping is on the back seat so just jump in the boot door!’ Mmmmmm…) It also has electric windows and air con whoooo. Ok stop, I’m either being very old-fashioned as all cars have these now, or I’m being a right show off (sorry current KA drivers!) or I’m being a great advert for thieves… so I’ll shut up.

Brings me onto my old car 😦  I am a very sentimental person about photographs, books, people, places etc but I always said ‘I will never get emotional about a car!’  I even said to my boyfriend last night; ‘It’s men that get sentimental about cars (or is that just mental actually?!) I definitely won’t! It’s just a car!’ Anyway, now I know that I’m trading mine in and it will be gone next week, I’ve got quite sad about it. I keep thinking things like ‘I’ll never fill it with petrol again.’ Yes I’m making that last quarter of a tank lasssssst now. Also I won’t even be filling my new car with petrol because it’s a diesel. It’s a diesel. I must remember this!!! I also think ‘ ahhh that’s that last time this person will have a lift in it’…. or…’that’s the last time I will drive it to this place.’ Funny though I don’t think ‘this is the last time I’ll wash it’ though! Poor, deprived car only received an annual wash. Maybe the new owner will be it bit more generous with the old H2o…. ( we had lots of rain though, so that counts right?) So yes, Monday will be a sad day, saying bye to my little red KA, which I fondly called LadyBug and decorated with flowers…… it’s having a lucky escape! haha.

Talking of sentimental….. the present I received off my Grandad yesterday is not one I will get sentimental over… or even just mental! I know you’re all secretly dying to know really! A few people asked me on facebook and the funny thing was I was talking to my Aussie relative on chat… will call her my aunty for argument’s sake (complicated family tree!) and she was on about my Granadad in general and said ‘Make sure you wrap him in cotton wool until I come in October!’ I burst out laughing (yes an actual LOL) at this because this is exactly what he gave me! Cotton Wool! So yes aunty, I will keep him wrapped in cotton wool because I now have plenty of the stuff! It was funny because when we got back from the dentist my Grandad was asking what he could give me as a thankyou ‘What do you need for your house? I want to treat you!’ I brushed this off and said I didn’t need treating, I wanted to help him etc. Ten minutes later and he returns with cotton wool… he said he had too much and wanted to give me half! Not sure how we got from something for the house to cotton wool… but hey will come in handy when I remove my nail varnish! So yes, I left that day with a food bag full of cotton wool. Lovely.

So remember it’s good to get sentimental over things; it shows that we appreciate them………. and maybe one day you will be lucky enough also to have someone share their cotton wool with you 🙂

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Tina Holmes
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 20:44:03

    Will the new car get flowers as decoration…. we wait and see!


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