Well what a busy day! Started the day with an early morning walk to wake up the system! Was a lovely morning and me and my boyfriend’s Mum and his brother’s girlfriend walked in the countryside with two lovely dogs…..one being Stan the Dog who you may see on another blog! The dogs were more awake than us bounding about and I swear we were meant to be taking them for a walk but the border collie puppy Tom was pulling me along so much that I had to break into a run. At that time of day! But don’t worry, I’m OK……. I may be scarred for life at the bodily fluids and solids that came out the rear of the two little darlings though….. noone needs to see that at breakfast time yuk!

My next stage of the day……………. the reason I call it a stage is because have you ever seen About a Boy? Or should I say as an English enthusiast…have you ever read it? Will the main character in it divides his days into units as if to give the day different stages. Each unit is an hour and so each activity will take up so many units. I like to think of my life like that when I’m not working and it helps to cram a lot into a day. So today, the dog walk took up about 2 and a half units and I then spent 1 unit at home, doing some chores, having something to eat yawn yawn boring stuff. Then I was asked to go to a special needs activity day to help out with the boy I used to be a teaching assistant for. I have now left the school but I’ve stayed in touch with the family. The boy is 15 and has exceptional special needs… he can’t even talk let alone read or write. (He  has Autism spectrum disorder and also Down’s Syndrome) As a big talker myself we seem to complement each other very well! He is the most lovely lad so I jumped at the chance to go and help out. As an added bonus it also gave his Mum a break for 2 units so she could lunch with her friends.

So I sat with him for 3/4 of a unit while he ate his  lunch. He is the funniest person to watch when eating chocolate. It is also torture for me as a chocaholic as he likes to savour every morsel. He also tries to put the bar in his mouth long ways as if he is setting himself a personal chocolate challenge! I watch him with fascination and he grins at me every so often with a brown sticky lip as if to say ‘You’re not getting any!’ The rest of the bar becomes a brown sticky river by the end and I have to rush him to eat it before it all melts. And not one tiny crumb (or drop!) for me! 😦

From one liquid to another we moved onto painting for just over 1 unit! Thank god for the invention of wet wipes! He had much fun stamping various paint sodden stamps onto a black blank canvas. The lady in charge… who is trained to work with Special Needs kids and adults ….kept telling him he had to pick up the stamp after each print and then dip it the paint again. I thought to myself ‘You don’t even exist because he is so engrossed in that red paint!’ There was no way he was going to stop excitedly banging the stamp and dragging the paint across the canvas… I had no problem with this because it’s art right? He was truly expressing himself! We were definitely the rebels of the group!

Shortly after, he decided to ‘help’ with the washing up of the paint trays, which really meant watching some other poor sod do it. he loves water and got very excited by seeing the swirls of purple, red and yellow mix into the water. Shortly after, Mum returned and my activities with dogs and kids were done for the day.

Never work with animals or kids, people say. But in work environments there are structures and rules… it’s the playing part that gets messy! All good fun though!

I’m now  off to enjoy the rest of my units… which I will confess may include some alcohol units also 😉

See you tomorrow,


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