Shed some light on the garden……

It’s gone! It’s gone! Not my sanity…. well not just yet anyway (give me a few more weeks without work and it may go). The shed!! The shed has gone!! Oh let me fill you in. Since we moved in our house 2 and 1/2 years ago there has been this big, awful shed right in the middle of the garden, blocking a good foot of land on one side and totally pushing sunlight away from the rest of the garden. And to top it off, it was bright turquoise! (or blue as the blokes were calling it today; men just can’t see in different colours like women can I swear!) I have been yearning and anticipating this moment ever since then.

The problem and also the solution was my boyfriend’s twin brother wanted the shed (yes he has an identical twin brother, which I’m sure will supply us with some funny blogs in the future and no I don’t get them mixed up and no I don’t fancy his brother) . So this was why it had a) not gone to the tip. b) been used as good bonfire material or c) been thrashed by me in a ‘oh I hate my garden’ mood frenzy. He had been looking for a shed that size for his upcoming ready-for-use garden and wanted to do it up. This set of a chain of events because he couldn’t take the shed off our garden giving hands though until his garden was sorted and ready for it. Also, we have a nice, little, brown wooden shed to put up, which is being kept at my Mum and Dad’s, which we couldn’t get until this one was gone. Confused? God me too…..basically a lot of gardening being prevented, which I suppose with all the floods has been no bad thing.

But yes it has now gone and after my 5 min of elation as I hopped around the….ssive spiders… I realised that the garden now looks even worse than before. We are left with A. Lot. Of. Crap. I now have no excuse either…. for two years, I’ve been saying ‘We can’t do anything to our garden til that blasted shed has gone!’ Well the time has come. Gloves, weedkiller by the bucketful, spades, wellies and a bottle of vodka at the ready.

Last time we had a weed killing session (around the then standing shed) I found a pair of trousers, two shirts and some shorts buried in the undergrowth. I prepared myself for a dead body (which funnily enough  I also thought may have been under the base of the shed today) but no. Nothing. We clearly had a naked gardener as a previous occupant…. you hear of naked chefs so why not gardeners?

Oh the spiders. I know I just mentioned them but I’ve gone all itchy and twitchy about them…….one thing you should know about me is that I hate them. I detest them.  There is no other creature on earth that I would wish that horrible shed as a home on…. yuk. When my boyfriend and his brother (plus three other lifting companions) were.. well lifting, I very quickly made sure the back door was shut. And all the windows. Eeeek.

Anyway I hope the shed has a very happy life at its new home….. apparently its going to be painted up as a summer house in a coat of blue and white. Very nice. But for now……until we actually do the gardening….. I am happy to have some light in the garden!

See you tomorrow,



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  1. ged
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 19:31:19

    the shed is BLUE Sammy.


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