Friendship is Golden

Hi guys, I’ve had a lovely day with friends and family today. My Yaris has now felt the full weight (this is no offense to my lovely passengers) and for the first time ever since I have passed my driving test, I took four passengers! I had to take my Grandma, Grandad and my Mum to the opticians for my Grandad’s appointment… we like to make a family affair of things….. and I also picked my mate up on route in order to go to lunch. I warned him that my family would all be in the car but it was all OK…… apart from the moment my Grandad grabbed my arm, just as I was entering a roundabout. He wanted me to look at the graveyard and show me that my ancestors where there! Brilliant timing…. if I had looked we would have been joining those ancestors in the graveyard!

I made it to lunch in one piece along with three good friends and we went to a Tea Room for lunch. Yes… no Costa Coffee today, but somewhere that actually celebrates tea! Just up my teapot street! It was served in little china cups and everything, which actually I couldn’t even fit my fingers through, let alone think about bending my pinkie backwards! I seriously thought about asking for a mug at one point… but the friendly mug of the waiter had to suffice.

We had a lovely lunch of oatcakes, sandwiches and gossip and planning of our night out tomorrow evening… Dirty Thursday. No, it’s not at a laundrette and I’m not sure how down and dirty we are going to get. It’s what our local town calls Thursday night drinking. I get the feeling it’s full of students back from summer and the ‘dirty’ part refers to them! So yes, a night out on a Thursday….. it just so happens that we all have Friday off and the rest of them aren’t all school workers either. Very lucky, so we can all be dirty together. More on that tomorrow.

We went to visit my friend’s new house afterwards. She got the keys today and there was an air of excitement, which died slightly when she realised her neighbours were both families either side and had children. She hates children but loves animals..  so a farm either side would have suited, but you can’t have everything. Inside this made up for it:

A retro microwave… as old as our friendship… or even us!

An old lady lived in the house previously and her lot of her stuff got left behind. Kind of sad really that her life, in our eyes, had mounted to some old-fashioned cabinets, wardrobes, a single bed and this very large, retro microwave, which quite frankly the picture doesn’t do it justice because it doesn’t show the scale and how disproportionate it is to the rest of the other objects like the wall or the door for instance. It is a whack off, massive thing, that we all fell about laughing when we saw it! We are looking forward to some equally big, golden, micro-chips at her house-warming. I always find it fascinating when a person has lived in a place before you. We found a trap door in our living room a few months ago when we had a new living room carpet. I was so excited with a hint of terror that there was either a dead body (just like in the garden!) down there or a load of money! Neither. Just pipes. They obviously wanted access to a closer look or the bloke went down there to escape his Mrs. Definitely weird the things you find…..

Other odd things we found in my friends new pad, was some frilly doilies, (It’s such an old term that I’m not even sure how to spell it! I don’t think I have ever used it in a written sentence before!)  a Jennifer Lopez perfume (which my mate was very chuffed with), a dieting quote plaque (which she says she is giving to her Mother.. a bit rude! haha), some extra wallpaper (to carry on that lovely floral theme), a Scorpio key ring (which is my starsign…hint hint) and a nice wooden shed… which she isn’t chomping at the bit to get rid of like we were! From all that you really get a picture of a person; An October/November born dieter who liked to decorate and maybe hide in the shed?

Anyway, I hope my friend is very happy there… maybe til her golden years. That was a not so subtle was for me two lead into the Olympics there……. two gold medals today, unless anymore have occurred whilst I’ve been writing this? I have it on but I’m not paying attention (I’m supposed to be able to multitask as a woman, I know). I actually saw the women win the rowing… and I actually felt quite excited, aren’t you proud of me? I’m getting better!

So yes remember…. gold can be earnt and won but friendship is golden and it is much more precious and doesn’t have to be won or earnt or proven…. but it stays with you….  until you are ready to leave behind your microwave… (someone pass a doilie….. I want to be sick 😉 )

See you tomorrow….. I’ll try and post before my Dirty Thursday begins because I know it’s not good idea to do it when I’ve had a drink or five!


P.S for you visual lovers out there, I am going to start including more pics. I actually have another one to use but since I find Windows 8 very annoying to find my way around.. I am waiting for my boyfriend to save it for me to upload! So keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Tina Holmes
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 05:52:42

    I’d just like to point out my microwave is probably bigger than that – does this mean I am old?


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