Down and Dirty with the Teenagers (Part 2)

Hey people… I’ve discovered since I’ve started writing a blog, that I can longer talk to people! Yesterday, I kept saying to friends and family ‘Ooh this happened yesterday…’ and they interrupted with; ‘Yes I know, I read it in your blog!’ So I no longer need to talk it seems. It made me realise wy I wanted to write a blog in the first place and that is because I simply love story telling. I love telling people about funny things that happen to me or annoying things and getting opinions. So I suppose one good thing is that I don’t have to repeat myself by telling each person now..because that is what I would have done. But I’m not sure how I feel about this yet because what am I now going to talk about? Another worrying thing is that every night last week, my boyfriend walked in and said ‘How was your day?’  My response was to hurry him to the laptop and read my blog! I am hoping that this is because I am still excited about the novelty of the blog and face to screen isn’t going to be our new form of communication! It seems it is now a war between the written and spoken word….

My mates, though, may appreciate a detailed write-up about ‘the night before’…. mmm or maybe not actually! And of course this isn’t that reliable because i may not be able to remember everything! I am hung over a bit yes and also a little tired but I will try my best to recreate the atmosphere of Dirty Thursday. There was firstly wine and chatter before we actually went to the dirty town. One of my friends was deciding which one of us he would call on for advice about certain things. One dilemma he suggested was ‘If I fell down the stairs and landed on a Hoover (vacuum) nozzle, what would I do?’ He decided on one friend who would have the best words of wisdom in this situation and her response was ‘Turn on the Hoover!’ So yes, this is the thrilling conversations we have after a few drops of alcohol. We also discussed by some dustbins were dark brown and some light brown (I started this one!) and also why certain people leave the caps off the toothpaste (in our household, I do and we have to have two separate toothpastes!).

In the first pub, there was black vodka… a whole new experience for me and one that I’ll blame the hangover on…. Glitter Bombs (which I still insist taste like carrot cake!) and more normal vodka and a rainbow of shots! Bleurgh. I found it amusing in one place that there was a sign up saying ‘J Bombs’.. students were too lazy for Jaegermeister so it became Jaegar Bombs.. and now they can’t even say that so it’s ‘J Bombs’… I know it’s hard to hear in these bars and gets busy but still!

Oh, I tried to use my student discount to get into a club and was met with the response from the bouncer ‘It’s already a student night, what more do you want??’ Haha, so I tried and sadly my student card expired at midnight, so that’s the end of that!

There was also dancing… and I have a Dance-ometer. Zero alcohol means I occasionally will dance but I feel stiff and weird. Too much alcohol and I fall over mid dance. Last night, I was somewhere in between, which was probably perfect for the Dirty evening. I was dancing in a bar, with and without friends and using various pointing finger gestures… I blame the black vodka! My mates enjoyed a good old dance and linking back to the student days that I mentioned yesterday.. it’s funny because our dancing becomes much more animated and enthusiastic when songs come on from sixth form/university. Fat Man Scoop came on and this always reminds me of the sixth form common room so we has some very lively bopping to that one and then the song changed to something I don’t know and I shuffle my feet about slightly, decide it’s a good time to go the loo, get some water or rest my shoe rubbing feet. Then Mr Brightside comes on we are in a dancing cocoon again where nothing else matters! It was gone 2am when that song came on I think (No 22-year-old sister, I wasn’t tucked up in bed my midnight like you so teasingly predicted!) and then some rubbish beaty, no words song came on (I rarely like songs without words) and I said to my mates ‘That was the peak… it’s time to go for food!’ So off to the nearest kebab shop we went… all except my male friend who decided to party on solo and walk the one hour it takes to get home! There is still some student in us all…….

Anyway, time to get ready for the next night, visiting good friends tonight and having a meal and drinks… so no dirtiness!

See you tomorrow,


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