Exercise is Dangerous!

Well it has been a typical Manic Monday in the words of The Bangles. (I only know The Bangles because my parents listened to them when I was little – honest!) I can tell you truthfully and honestly that exercise is bad for you… and I have the hard evidence to prove it. So if you are sitting there reading this eating cake then please continue because if what happened to my friend, happens to you today then I want you to at least have some extra fat to cushion the fall! Or just don’t do exercise at all and keep yourself safe!

I’ve said before that I go swimming quite a lot. I have a membership for the pool but my friends often want to go to various exercise classes too. I normally say no because I don’t want to pay extra and I try to go swimming as much as I can but since I was on holiday I thought why not? I actually had an invite to go to a Body Combat class tonight with my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend but I turned her down because I wanted to spend the only free evening I have with my bloke…. turns out that would have been the safer option for me and my friend. We ended up going to a Step Aerobic class this morning instead. (Step not Steps.. .. no she didn’t get beaten up by band of five excitable singers). I suggested this one because I had done similar ones at Uni and it was good…. that is why I now feel guilty. I was also the one who joked that the big plastic steps can be dangerous when you are stepping left, right and over them and I said in jest ‘I hope I don’t fall off it.’ But nooo it was my mate that did…. mid left step/jump/lift whatever you want to call it. She smashed onto the hard, wooden gym floor.

It was funny to start with and she seemed to be laughing too. She refused help to get up by myself and the instructor and just wanted to be left. I found out later that she was overwhelmed by the attention and was too engulfed in pain to talk about it. At the time I thought her injury was just a case of bruised pride and that she was embarrassed… So I left her and carried on stepping here and there. I’m never in time with the rest of the group but I always think that surely if I’m moving and stepping for the full 50 min then I’m still getting a workout right? If I slow down to learn the complicated moves then I burn fewer calories so I just do my own thing really… haha. Is it wrong also that I was so exhausted after this second routine that I was glad of a distraction with my mate? As it meant I had an excuse to take a break? Oooh oh so wrong I think!

I looked round at one point and my mate seemed in agony and she then admitted that she was in a lot of pain. I tried to ring her Mum, who lives no far away. I was going to take her to the hospital then and there but the Leisure Centre had to record the accident and got their First Aid people to have a look. There was paperwork, which of course she couldn’t fill in! Why in our society does everything come down to paperwork?? So in the end, her Mum took her to hospital and she found out that both wrists are sprained. I hope she won’t mind me telling you all this… because I think you all need to be warned about these ‘steps’…. tread carefully people!

I actually felt quite upset after I left them because there seemed nothing more I could do and as I said I did feel slightly guilty for getting us to go to that dangerous activity! The one thing I thought I could do was to make sure she didn’t get a parking fine, as she had to leave her car there…. be thankful for small mercies they say! Could have been worse too I guess.

Later on, she phoned me to tell me how she was and the ‘verdict’ and I then stupidly said that I’d text her later. She was like,’Erm Sam, I can’t text!’ So back to the old-fashioned phone calling we go. I actually phoned her parent’s home number later on and I don’t think I’ve done that since I was ten and we used to arrange to play at each other’s houses!

So there you go, physical activity is dangerous! DO NOT go to the gym tonight… stay at home and eat chocolate… you might to avoid the stairs too… because this movement lark is ‘wristy business’ (doh, sorry that was such a Dad joke!).

My friend should make the most of having people waiting on her and rest up! and thankyou my friend for a good blog topic 😉

See you tomorrow… on a less eventful day I hope!


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