Adieu Internet!

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye! No I haven’t had enough of blogging already, I’m just saying bye for now and going on holiday for a week. Not sure why there is no French in the Sound of Music song.. but I really should be saying Au Revoir! I am off to Paris tomorrow…. tres excited!

I’m afraid i don’t do the whole posting your every holiday action on Facebook/twitter/WordPress every minute. And this is coming from me. Who, is usually addicted to the internet, getting every smidge of gossip and updating my status and blog every day. I won’t be putting the whole Eiffel tower pic on Facebook, 2 minutes after I’ve seen it.. whilst my boyfriend holds my handbag and waits until we continue are fantastique sightseeing. I will wait until I get home and then I will also print the photos off! I know! Old fashioned concept yes…. I might even put them into those wooden rectangle things called frames! I also won’t be messaging (apart from the occasional text to family and close friends), emailing or anything else internet related! So, I am afraid there won’t be any blogs until I return at the end of next week. But when I return I hope to bring you many enlightening stories and also a review on 50 Shades of Grey …. yes it’s sitting by my suitcase ready to take on the ferry with me. Will I treasure it and fall in love with it in Paris or is it going overboard??? We shall see….

Packing and preparation has gone well today. I managed to fit everything in my holdall quite easily…. which panicked me, in the way it does women, that I don’t have enough clothes!! Ha. My boyfriend’s Dad yesterday had me fooled (not hard to do!). He said, as we went walking; ‘You won’t be able to take much you know. They weigh your car as you get on the ferry and you’ll have to pay extra money…’ I thought, ‘Mmm people have been telling me how lucky we are to be able to pack whatever we want by going in the car but maybe there are now new rules?! I then realised he was joking, the bugger! 😉 So guess, I’ll go and find some more clothes to pack then!

As I say, my suitcase is almost ready….. my boyfriend’s isn’t anywhere near. He is at work today all day but won’t let me pack for him. Very independent man he is… a little stubborn too if I may add 😉 and he won’t let me do anything for him! So my next job was to make sure I was ready for holiday. You know, shaving legs, foot scrub, painting toe and finger nails… ahhhh. Downside to that is… that as I just ran to answer the phone (bloody spam call again!) I skidded on the carpet thanks to my new very, ultra smooth feet!! Pain is beauty and all that 😉

My aims for this holiday are: To not get ill, to not faint on a cliff and to not leave my baggage there!!! Yes, last year, all of these things happened! I became ill with a bad throat. I get sore throats quite a lot and as soon as I started with the one within the first couple of days of our holiday… I thought, ‘Nooo I’m not getting ill….’  so I took paracetamol, strepsils and maybe some other stuff too! The next day, when we were out on a day trip to visit the castle, I felt quite poorly. I think it was a combination of heat and all the medication! Anyway, I fainted at the top of this cliff… very scary. My boyfriend said, ‘Sam get up, you’re slipping off the rock!’ Haha. I didn’t even remember falling off the rock so knew I’d fainted for a few seconds. The rest of the holiday was good, despite my bad throat. But then, on the last day, we forgot all of my bags. Yes, not my boyfriend’s bags – just mine! I was checking all the rooms of the caravan whilst he packed the car. Turns out, I figured he had got my bags from my dressing room (not a fancy caravan just a two bedroom one, which i used the second one as a walk in wardrobe – every girl’s dream!) and put them in the car, so i didn’t check in there. He thought that he put so many bags into the car (which were actually food, kitchen and bathroom stuff) so he assumed that was my luggage!! We didn’t notice until we got home… five hours later. Gutted 😦 and the most stupid thing I have ever done! It wasn’t just one bag you see; a huge holdall, an over night sized bag and also a fold up chair!! It cost us £50 to have it couriered up to us two days later… which in the meanwhile, I had to go without all my favourite clothes, shoes, most of my makeup and underwear, hair straighteners and my sanity! Every girl’s nightmare!

So here’s to this year, I have all hopes that it will be a more successful trip…

So, if you are going on holiday too, take some paracetamol (but not too many!), avoid cliffs, handcuff your luggage to yourself… oh and stay off Facebook 😉

Just to get into the French spirit…. Goodbye and thankyou to off all of you who have read, commented, liked and followed my posts so far!

See you next week,


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  1. Nathan Hooper
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 15:13:55

    You raise an interesting point about printing off photos. In an age where everything is completely digital, we are running the risk of losing key moments of our history.

    When documents are converted/transferred to or produced in print, we have a physical copy of that particular document. Paper endures throughout time. Yes, it gets a little smelly and can degrade over time, but it lasts and can be restored.

    Digital documents on the other hand…it’s less certain. Digital formats change all the time. Data degrades, becomes corrupted. All it takes is a virus, a change in format, an upgrade in technology and, all of a sudden, that journal, that diary entry, that photo, is lost forever. Storing things on your HDD, on “the cloud” is great, but what happens if a server crashes or your HDD blows up. The same can be said for hard copy documents: “what about if there is a fire and your photos are burnt to ashes?”, but we know that, if there isnt a fire, that paper copy can last for hundreds of years…

    …which is more than what can be said about the photos on my old 3.5 inch floppy disks!


    • Sam Gray
      Aug 15, 2012 @ 15:17:42

      ahh no what happened to your floppies? lol. Yes, it is important to have hard copies too. i still making my own albums.. just not the same as a ‘photo book’ digitally made for you on snapfish… as lovely as they are. And I like to put photos in frames to have around the house.. i don’t want to log into facebook every time I view photos! Glad you also think it is still important Mr Hooper! x


  2. Tina Holmes
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 06:15:39

    Oh dear – I’m sorry Sam I did try to bring him up well but – “Sam you are slipping off the rock…” Is not the help and support you need when you faint away on a cliff is it? I tried to bring all my kids up to be independant and Kenny certainly is that but he should be caring as well!

    Have a great holiday 🙂


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