I-fell off the Tower…

Afternoon people… life after holiday is a tad boring. The thing that keeps me going during the post holiday blues is the thought of having all the holiday snaps printed, framed and albumed! So today I have been out and bought huge collage frames to display the lovely French monuments and also the Italian highlights of Pisa where I visited at Easter.

The mighty Eiffel

I didn’t really fall off the tower haha. (Wondering though – is that why it is called ‘Eiffel.. as in I -fell?’)….. no I didn’t…but I could have! I’m not a fan of heights, which is why I am so proud of myself for climbing (and lifting) my way to the top…. and also climbing to the top of a crazy leaning tower earlier in the year! I don’t let my fear of heights stop me doing things but I do go a little funny when I look over the edge… and even if I didn’t fall over, I think my heart might have leaped off a few times.

For the Eiffel tower, we walked towards it on our first evening and everything seemed to peaceful. We decided to go up it because it seemed so quiet and we smugly thought that no one else would think of doing it at night. Ha! We walked round a corner and there was miles of queues, probably as the tower is tall. Seems everyone in Paris had the same idea. I was actually quite surprised at how cheap it was to go up the tower – 10 euros (But a bit dearer if you got the lift up). This was because I was automatically comparing it to the tower of Pisa, where it cost 15 euros! Logically, to me, the Eiffel should have cost more with it being grander, lighting up and being 320 metres tall. The Pisa tower is only a measly 55.8 metres!! yet costs more – those damned Italians!

Anyway, the queues were too huge, so we decided to come back the next evening, a tad earlier. We did and managed to get in straight away. We had gone for dinner before and I wanted to wear a pretty dress and heels – as you do on holiday! So I made my bloke promise that we would get the lift option as my poor feet were on their own shoe towers already. This was agreed and as we were waiting to pay we heard the French lady cashier tell this couple off; ‘you need to speak to tell me what you want you know, it makes it very difficult you know!’ It seemed they were probably not confident to talk in French so opted for no language at all. We were laughing at this and thought we would have no trouble as we had been ordering in restaurants in French etc. We had a swift exchange and into the tower we went…… except my boyfriend and forgotten to ask for the lift option!!! Walking it was.

We did it though. And I have to admit it was better because we got to see every floor in detail and had a good old drink too before going up to the next floor!!! You had to get a lift to the final floor anyway so my tired feet got a little rest. We had to wait 45 min though to get up and to get down!! Very popular! I felt okay up there but couldn’t look over the edge immediately and I also felt a little queasy when my boyfriend leaned over…… but the champagne we had up there eased this a little! So yes, I went up to the top of the Eiffel and didn’t fall over and I also made it down – hurrah!!

The drunken tower of Pisa

Back in April, I went to Pisa with two friends. Me and one mate walked up the leaning tower whilst the other mate stayed firmly on the ground and watched us from below. Typically, it was the windiest day we had experienced whilst in Italy, which doesn’t bode well when the tower is nearly falling over anyway. But still, I feel I can relate to the leaning tower as I spend most of my time on holiday drunkenly leaning too! We made it to the top – in trainers! It was so blowy and you could really feel the ‘lean’ and I thought we could easily have been swept off into the Italian air! But we didn’t… again I plucked up courage after a while and looked over the edge – even gave my mate a wave at the bottom. There was amazing views of Pisa… and the thing I love about Italy and also France is that all the buildings are so pretty (but not always on the inside as you learn in yesterday’s post Riches to Rags to Riches!) and I could look at them all day.

So yes this year has been a good year of travel and I have conquered two of the world’s monuments and survived! Haha…. thank god for French and Italian wine (and champagne) to make that upwards journey a little more bearable for Acrophobic me! At least I don’t have to do it on a daily basis…. even though our stairs are pretty steep…can’t say the views at the top are as pretty though 😉

Onwards and upwards,

See you tomorrow!



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  1. Nathan Hooper
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 23:07:34


    That will answer your question about the Eiffel Tower 🙂


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