Romeo, Romeo, you are a stud!

Evening guys, just a quick post tonight because I have had a pounding headache all day!!! Those damn kids… it has been my first full day today so that must have something to do with it!

We are studying Romeo and Juliet and an interesting point arose today in the lesson. It fits in very nicely with my post from a few weeks ago actually, Adding Fuel to the Feminist Fire. We were talking about how things were sexist in Shakespeare times and how, in some ways, they still are today. The pupils had to write down things they associated with the word ‘Romeo’, like if a man is a ‘bit of a Romeo.’ They came up with words like ‘romantic’ ‘a flirt’ ‘a ladies’ man’ ‘charming’ etc. We then got a dictionary definition and Romeo means ‘any man who is preoccupied with or has a reputation for amatory success with women.’ Mmmm interesting…. The teacher (a male teacher if you were wondering 😉 ) then made the point of, what do we call a woman in the with the same definition? A Juliet? No sadly, that doesn’t exist. It will be one of the derogatory terms like slag, slut or whore. I had never thought of this before but I have thought about how men get to be called ‘studs’ when they pull lots of women, whereas women get called the above.  Like when men get to be called ‘bachelors’ when single yet we get the oh so lovely term of ‘spinster’.

So that’s a thought to leave with you with today… and watch out for Romeos 😉

See you tomorrow – hopefully headache free!



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  1. Tina Holmes
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 20:11:37

    “A Juliet? No sadly, that doesn’t exist.” The only reason it does not exist is that we (the English speakers of the world) do not use it. If we define the word “Juliet” as a woman who has lots of sexy, romantic, fun and begin to use it in that context and encourage our friends to use it, and our friends encourage their friends… then it could spread and become the dictionary definition eventually.


  2. Tina Holmes
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 20:21:45

    I used it today – did you? Got confused look but will persist!


  3. GBF
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 18:53:52

    Is it man’s fault that the female equivalent of ‘Romeo’ is along the lines of ‘whore’, etc? This is about words and definitions again – look at it from this angle: maybe there isn’t a word for it because women never wanted to be associated for their multitude of sexual endeavours. Men are after all simple beings as many women will gladly point out – I’m sure if you scratch the surface enough, you would find Eric (look up the meaning) rather than Romeo. Superficially a ‘stud’ but deep down, alone.
    On another note, is it sexist when a woman says that a man’s brain is in his trousers? Unfortunately mesdames, men do not possess the peripheral vision that women do, so we have to move our eyes to look at something – so chances are we may be staring at your boobs just as much as you are probably eying up our assets 😉


  4. ged
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 06:32:38

    and the battle continues.


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