Gym’ll Fix It!

Hi guys, I’m back to start a new week, recovered from the alcohol fuelled weekend and raring to go! Well I was…. I went for  gym session (get me 😉 ) but now I am pooped! I thought after a weekend of indulgence I should go to the gym. It’s a free one at school and I am going to start taking full advantage of my work perk.

I told you that I used to have a swimming membership, well I quit it last week. I still love swimming but I just wasn’t using it enough to make the most of it so I thought I am going to start doing free things, like the gym, walking etc – as I am a girl always up for a freebie 😉 So yes, I went to the school gym about 3.30 for about an hour – actually for exactly 55 min of exercise (I am very anal when it comes to adding how much of a work out I have actually done!) I walked in and there was a kid in there, a 6th form student I assume, I said ‘hi’ and he didn’t respond, let alone look up… my mind was entering the whole rant of ‘kids today are so rude blah blah blah’ when I realised he had headphones in that were blaring music into his ears. Oops. This also reminded me that I had forgotten my MP3 player. Dammit. It was going to be a long hour….

I don’t know if any of you go to the gym. But it is an odd concept when you think about. Half an hour of running when you are still where you started afterwards and haven’t got anywhere – well in a literal sense! Hopefully you have made progress in getting tired, getting fitter and getting sweatier! I don’t know what is it about the gym but if I don’t stink afterwards then I think I haven’t worked hard enough. That is my measure of a good workout!

I did 25 min on the cross trainer today (with a 5 min ‘Cool Down’ – what is that about? I just end up running slower for 5 min!) and I swear without music every minute lasted an hour. It’s all about time at the gym isn’t it? You are counting down what you are doing so that you can move onto the next machine. 30 min took a sweaty lifetime I tell you. I kept trying to distract myself by reading the signs on the gym walls. And there are a lot. Who knew exercise had so many rules?! ‘Members please sign in,’ ‘You must have a towel to wipe down the machinery’ (turns out other people get very sweaty too!) ‘Only trainers must be worn on the treadmills,’ ‘pupils must not use the weights during school time,’ ‘Do not turn the TV volume above 40’ – heaven forbid that people will get deafened whilst they work out, it could make them run faster if it makes then jump though!

I read all these signs and a minute had gone by 😦 so then I started to play games with myself. I looked out the window and said to myself ‘when I see a year 7 pupil run past while doing football practise then I get to look at the timer’ Or ‘I’ll take a peek at my progress when I see a bird!’  I eventually survived the 30 min and then moved onto 20 min on the exercise bike. By this point, some other staff came in and they put on the TV music channels. Time went a little faster than and I was cycling to hits of ‘the Hot babes of America’ or something like that. Pussy Cat Dolls, Britney etc. And when I came to the last 5  min on the rowing machine, I told myself it would be roughly 2 songs worth as the display timer wasn’t working on the machine! The things you do to get through that gruelling workout. Tomorrow I am taking my MP3 player!

So guys, indulge all you want and have exercise free weeks because end – Gym can fix it 😉

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Emily
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 20:13:55

    I just forced myself to go to the gym and now feel really revived! It’s not thst gruelling :p the fish game they have on the rowing machine is fun!


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