Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Evening everyone… I have just had the snip!!! Noooo not like that, I’m female remember! I’ve been for a hair cut. Nothing major, just a general tidy up and a trim! It made me think how it is quite an odd thing we regularly do – go to have parts of our body cut off by strangers. Yeh, yeh, I know it’s dead and we can’t feel it but it is a bit weird. Why do we even have hair? And I guess we have it growing everywhere, but thankfully not as long. I have a friend actually who gets a very long, freakishly long hair growing out of her arm. It’s very fine so she doesn’t really realise it until it has grown to a good few inches… very funny when she pulls it away from her arm and we can see how long it is!

After looking on my fountain of knowledge Wikipedia I have discovered (thought I was pretty sure this was why) that we have hair in order for heat insulation and to protect the skin. Obviously, that’s why animals have hair and fur etc and we don’t need as much these days (Wikipedia seems to think we have lost some due to lack of functionality) because we have the wonderful invention of clothes to serve this purpose. Isn’t it funny that everything we need, like hair and clothes, we turn into a fashion statement and have certain styles and colours. When really it is just to keep us warm and safe!

Hair has becomes something personal to us, to make us look a certain way. We choose the style and the colour (See my Ginger Rules post for a funny look at ginger haired folk) and the length. We have it up for sport or in a fancy do for formal occasions or have it hanging, long and swaying for everyday. Or some people choose (or not) to not have any!! Must get a bit chilly up there I think! Yes, it becomes a statement and I guess we get judged on it. If it is messy then we are thought of as being grubby and not taking care of ourselves, if it is unclean or greasy then we are thought of as dirty people. It really is a reflection of us because if it is shiny, healthy and strong then we are believed to be shiny, healthy and strong people.

Going to the hairdressers is always a nice experience I think. Half an hour of being pampered if you like. I always go to my hairdresser’s house. She has a little salon in her back garden, which is pretty cool. More of the personal touch. I go in, get put in a cape and get to talk about myself for the next twenty minutes (obviously I ask about my hairdresser and her life too!). I wonder if hairdressers get training on ‘small talk’ and how to use that skill in their work? It is important. The whole stereotype about hairdressers being ‘nosey’ and talking too much is a load of rubbish in my opinion. Some of my friends say that they would prefer if their hairdresser didn’t speak and they could just sit quietly as their long strands get chopped off. I would be deeply uncomfortable with this. I don’t like silence, not when I am around people anyway. Hairdressers should have the ability to ‘make chat’ and put their clients at ease. Mine does and I always enjoy the chat for a while. It’s all about customer service. Like in a shop, I like the sales assistant to acknowledge me at the very least and I would be happy with some small talk too… but obviously you are not with them as long as your hairdresser (unless you have bought the shop or they are very slow at working the till!)

So, I feel good now. Something about having your hair done that makes you feel good. Annoying thing is that I have nowhere to go this evening. You know how your hair never looks as good when you do it? Well mine doesn’t anyway and I always feel my post-hairdressers is wasted if I don’t go out anywhere afterwards! Hopefully, my boyfriend will notice at least… but bet you the cost of my next hair cut that he won’t 😉

Happy styling people and don’t be afraid to let go of some hair because it makes you feel good!

See you tomorrow,


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