You know the expression ‘it’s a small world’? I use it a lot and it never fails to amaze me when I meet someone from one area of my life and they know someone else who I have known for years in a totally different way. Facebook helps a lot with that and when it says ‘mutual’ friends and you’re like ‘What? They know them too!’ It is weird. But obviously it is a huge world really full of billions of people and we won’t get to meet that many in the grand scheme of things. How many do you think you will meet? Hundreds? I suppose it depends if we literally just walk past someones, say hello, bump into them or actually have a conversation or a full blown friendship. I think that we meet who are we supposed to meet and everyone has a purpose and a reason to come into our lives. Leading onto my favourite quotation:

People come into your life

for a reason,

a season,

or a lifetime.

The quote actually comes from an episode of Sex and the City. I love it and think it can be applied to anyone. You will find some people come into your life for a reason, whether it is to advise you in a shop, help give you first aid, give you a job or for a longer purpose. Then there are those that come into your life for a season. A work colleague perhaps, a friend from school, a neighbour. Then there are those special ones who may enter at any point but aren’t going anywhere.

Nice thought for the eve…..

See you tomorrow,



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