Well today, I attended my first webinar. If you can say ‘attended’ as I didn’t even have to move from my chair; just click a few buttons. It is another step I guess for the internet. Another way for us to do things through a screen. Is it lazy? Or is it just common sense? I mean, I didn’t have to go on a course today to hear that seminar, travel somewhere and miss school for the day (as much as I would have liked to ūüėČ ) or spend money in order to do this. So it saved me from having a day off work, time and money. All good right? I guess in that case it is, except from the fact that it just isn’t the same as actually being there. You get muffled talk every so often and it was funny when the moderator hadn’t turned off her ‘mute’ button so you could hear the ‘click click’ of her typing (something you would hear if you were actually there though) and to ask a question you had to type in a box. I didn’t write one because there was nothing I wanted to ask. Would people ask things they didn’t normally dare? Or did they ask less things? Because sometimes being there in person you feel under pressure because the talker keeps looking at you, so you ask a completely random, irrelevant question.

To move onto other internet communication devices, Facebook has become world-wide¬†phenomenon. I find it ironic that it is called Facebook, since you never have face to face conversations and people read statuses more than they read books! I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but I think it does stop people doing things physically like talking, sending invitations, printing photos, getting together etc. Why send invitations when you can create an event group? Why pop round to your mate’s house for a cuppa when you can type ‘hi’ on instant chat? Why text that mate personally when you just comment on their status? Why read a book before bed when you can just read a Facebook article? Facebook does have its uses but we need to make sure it doesn’t stop us from actually speaking to people. I have a rule that I don’t add or speak to someone on Facebook who I have never spoken to in real life.

There are the shops too. Amazon, Play.com, Ebay as well as Tesco and all the other online supermarkets. Is this why the nation is getting fat? We no longer have to leave our settee to get food or hurl it back to the house. Plus online we may buy more. At least before if you were buying a KG of chocolate at least you would lug it back with you along with 4 pints of milk and a bag of spuds. You would feel you had burnt some calories in order to deserve the chocolate treat! I do like online shopping for other things though. It seems cheaper to buy books and DVDs anyway and you can browse and compare prices much easily. So, I must admit that I do about 80% of my Xmas shopping online. It is sad though that the high street is dying because of this. The high street, where people had to walk, socialise and get fresh air.

So, the internet is a good thing but sometimes you need to get out there. Go and look at a real face, see a real shop, go to a proper seminar and don’t just be glued to that screen¬†all day. Besides, it’s rude to stare ūüėČ

p.s I do note that the¬†irony of this blog is that I communicate my ideas to you everyday via the¬†web… so anyone fancy coming round for a cuppa and c chat?! Haha.


4 thoughts on “Use Faces and Books not just Facebook.

  1. This is odd, I think I agree with everything you said. That’s never happened before.

    The term facebook comes from the books of faces, literally, some universities keep. It started as a simple online equivalent of the book universities used to keep and then grew organically from there allowing people to communicate. Watch the film, its not the most exciting film in the but offers a huge insight into something we all use regularly.

    There have been studies about how people write on the net as opposed to in person. It makes you feel safer which gives rise to the increased likely hood of insults from people you have annoyed but it also gives time to consider your response so questions asked via the internet in any written format tend to be much better thought out than verbal communication. You don’t simply blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, although when you can type as fast as I can you do start to suffer from the lack of brain mouth filter even online a little.

    We use technology to make our lives better and to save time. Its a sad reality however that we often forget to use this extra time. I do almost all of my shopping online which saves me a huge amount of time but how many of us use that time to do something worth doing like getting together with the lads for a game of football or going for a walk in the countryside with a loved one. I’d bet that most of us spend the time we have saved sitting on facebook looking at stupid pictures or spend an extra half hour on the sofa.

    I don’t think we do buy more on the internet, in face there is evidence to the contrary. You impulse buy less on the internet although after seeing Tanya’s Amazon basket I’d have trouble arguing my point on that one.

    1. Haha, yes something we agree on. It is something we can’t ignore and it is useful like we have said. We do need to try and do things away from the computer like you say… bit hard for you in your job as I imagine there is always something that you can be doing on the computer!

      I think too many kids sit on computers now rather than going out to play and using their own imaginations, which means fatter, thicker kids in my opinion! That’s another matter though.

      Yeh I think it can be easier to buy more online because you can’t actually see the cash and it’s so easy to click for another item etc…

      Most of it comes down to common sense and we all have the right to choose what we do, see people, make time for other things etc.

  2. I think there might be an exception with me, dear. We haven’t actually spoken face to face! LOL It’ll be hard, but I’ll get there eventually, although I might stay in London. I am coming for a cuppa, just freeze it for me! LOL Nice piece!

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