I don’t know if there are any Harry Potter fans out there? But yesterday I was Harry Potter. My boyfriend’s sister had a Harry Potter themed party (well it was actually Harry Potter, Merlin, Disney, Percy Jackson and randomness but let’s stick with Harry Potter to keep it simple!) I painted some house banners, you know of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin to decorate the house and I wore a Daniel Radcliffe mask….. that I had to add a red lightning scar to make it authentic….. a wand, a cloak, a scarf and tie. Very funny.

Me in my Harry Potter gear………….Expelliarmus!

There was lot of activities supplied by my boyfriend’s Mum. We had to go and do a treasure hunt yesterday. This involved looking round our local town for random things such as flowers, bus tickets, leaflets, newspapers etc and ticking them off as we went! Bear in mind that I was dressed as above (though I must confess that I left the wand and mask at the house and in my long, black winter coat I looked quite normal… well for me!), my boyfriend’s sister and her mates were dressed as random Harry Potter students and Bellatrix Lestrange and my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend was dressed brightly as Luna Lovegood! So yes, we looked a right sight and it made me think that it could be real. Like in the books where the wizards visit the muggle world. That is what it could have been! A group of people at one point were getting into a car dressed as witches (for a Halloween party I assume!) and they said,’Oh look, we aren’t the only weirdos about!’ I said to my boyfriend’s sister that it would have been really funny if they had exclaimed, ‘Err we aren’t in fancy dress… we are actually witches and just visiting your muggle world for the afternoon!’ That would have been really funny and an attempt to bring Harry Potter and the world of Hogwarts to life for the afternoon!

Anyway, the treasure hunt went well. The other team consisted of my boyfriend, his twin, their brother and his mate. So girls vs boys. They boys won, sadly, but I was really pleased with how we did because we didn’t spend a penny (on getting items like Macdonald’s wrappers… we hunted the floor…. or a bus ticket…. one of us charmed the bus driver to give us a stub.) We also went on foot, whereas the boys went in the car. This meant we were slower but not by much! So I think we did very well in that case. Shame we didn’t have actual broomsticks to use like in the film!

I want to end this post byexpressing my ultimate envy for J.K Rowling. Not for the money and the fame. If i was going to be famous, I would want it to be for writing a book and she just has it so good having written a great series of books that have appealed for years to all ages. And then eight great films get made too! It is just such an original idea (even though there was some controversy over her getting the idea from another book about wizards or something?) She not only created great characters but a whole new world, language and culture. I am in awe. I would love to come up with such an idea that I could write seven books about. Maybe it is in me somewhere!

Have a magical evening!


7 thoughts on “A Little Magic at the Weekend…..

  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhh. My love for this blog just increased by SO much 😀 Love Harry Potter. Been a Potterhead since Book 1 and My childhood overlapped with the whole series so It’s like I’ve grown up watching it, reading it. One of the things on my bucket list. Make sure my kids grow up watching and reading the series too, haha. The whole treasure hunt sounds fun too 😀

    1. haha, yes I love them all too! We even listenined to the audio books while we travelled on holiday in the summer! My children (when I have them) will read them too…. think I would cry if they weren’t book worms like me! Whats your favourite book? I think mine is Prisoner of Azkaban, really like that story!

      1. I love the time-turner bit concept. It was pretty amazing and even how they portrayed it in the movies. I don’t have the audio books but I do carry a book or two when I go out on Holidays. Books wise, I think it would be the Half Blood Prince. I think it’s a little dark, but fun too. The whole chronicles at school with love brewing around, Harry new-found fame in potions and the dark underside with the memories. Nice to meet another potterhead 😀

    2. Yeh the time turner bit is one the reasons I love that one. And yeh half blood prince us great, esp when you find out it is snape! Do you consider snape good or bad? I love it how he is one of those characters who isn’t clearly a goodie or baddie… he has ties with the baddies but then he has that deal with dumbledore!

      1. Definately a goodie. Plus Alan Rickman = LOVE. No one could’ve portrayed Snape better and his pauses between every word he speaks? EPIC. But yea, in general I loved the HBP as a book. I love how they portrayed Snape’s memories in the DH Part 2. I think that needed to be done correctly and it was amazing. So yea, I love Snape as a character but other than him? I’ve always loved Hagrid and Lupin a lot. Hagrid’s such a lovey character. The kinds I’d just wanna hug a lot. Lupin? again a great person, a tad lonely and he needed someone like Tonks with him 😀

  2. Yeh the word geek in me has always wanted to write an article or essay about Snape as to whether he a goodie or not. Hagrid is great too and I just love all the Weasleys and how they give Harry Potter the closest thing to a ‘normal’ family! Some great characters, again whiy I am so jealous of J K Rowling! lol

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