To my 47-year-old self…..

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The other writing prompt from yesterday’s daily post was to write to yourself in twenty years time. Since I am 27 next week, I chose to write to my 47 year old self. See what you think:

To my 47 year old self,

Well done fort] making it to this age! Yesterday, I spoke to our 14-year-old self. She’s doing okay; she will get there. Not as clued up about life as we are! I said to her yesterday that my scary age is 30 at my current age of (very nearly) 27! I guess you are dreading the half-a-century one now…. sorry to put it like that! I guess turning 30 wasn’t so bad for you and I hope you had the big, drunken party to celebrate it that I am currently mentally planning for 3 years’ time!

So… do I have children at the age of 47? I imagine I do, I hope so. I know I said that by 27, I nowhere near felt emotionally ready for them but I hope by 47 I have grown-up a bit in order to do this! So a boy? Girl? One of each? I don’t think I could handle more than two, but I guess you’re the expert of what we are actually capable of! One of the things I look forward to the most about having children is passing on parts of you to them. When you realise they have the same annoying habits that you have or when you realise that they, too, cry at silly things or if they love the same book as you. Has any of that happened yet? I also look forward to sharing old photos, diaries, books, films and getting them to like them too! Having children, to me, is about creating another version of yourself and passing part of you onto them. I bet you are now thinking that when it happens, you barely have time to go to the toilet, yet alone think about any of that! Maybe also, you had to adopt? That happens a lot and I don’t want to make you feel sad if that is what has happened. I will handle it if they aren’t genetically mine. I am always saying the world’s overpopulated after all! I just hope you happy with however that all worked out.

Are you married? I could understand either way. Part of me can’t see me not getting married, but part of me is in no rush either. I also don’t see how it would change much either. Except, I guess it is nice to have one family name and be joined in that way. Fill me in on all the gossip anyway and if it did happen, what was the day like? I can never see myself having a fancy do but in a lot of ways I want it to be big, just because I would want everybody that I care about there. It may be the only time in my life where everyone I love is under one roof. So please tell me that happened… or maybe at that crazy 30th birthday party?!

It is more difficult to talk to you than it is the 14-year-old self because you know everything about me. I can’t tell you anything! Do you remember what it feels like to be 27? I hope so…. if not I can remind you I guess! I feel very happy and like my life is getting sorted in most areas now. I feel silly and fun a lot, but mature and responsible when I need to be. Tell me, I have never lost that.

I hope at 47 you are still having a good career…. did I ever do the teaching qualification? That is something I always toy with now. Maybe you can give me advice of how that could turn out! I hope you are happy in terms of marriage (or not) and kids (or not) and generally with decisions you have made! I also hope you have kept a lot of the same friends, since I did such a good job at 27 of keeping in contact with school friends and work mates as I moved from job to job. And I also hope you still have good relations with your family and see them often. The family may have grown in terms of children but I’m guessing that certain older members aren’t around anymore. Did that make the family closer? I hope everyone handled that okay.

Anyway, since I can’t tell you about my life, I await to hear the answers to my questions in twenty years time. I hope that those two decades go slowly!

Love from your (almost) 27 year old self. x

P.S I am writing this in a laptop – do you still have them? I imagine technology has moved on a lot!

I will look forward to reading that when I am 47 as it will be like my 27 year old self is writing to me! Really enjoyed writing that but it was a bit trickier than the 14 year old on yesterday because the future is so much more uncertain! I mainly have to ask questions! And part of me doesn’t want to jinx it because what if I am not meant to live til 47? Fingers crossed….



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