Feeling the Presents…

Well my first post as a 27 year old!! I had a lovely birthday and the meal and drinks outing with friends last night was great. Lots of food (too much – I stupidly had a starter, which I should learn is a no no at an Indian!) The bottle of wine to myself though was a very good idea! Haha, not actually suffering today either, maybe I am finally immune to alcohol now that I am 27! Not that I wasn’t feeling a little tipsy last night….

I know I said that presents weren’t the main reason I get excited for my birthday, but thought i would briefly share with you how lucky I was. My boyfriend bought me a Nook…. like a Kindle but a different brand… ( I keep getting told off for calling it a kindle!) I have been in two minds as to whether these are a good thing or not. I mean, they can’t replace books surely? It is sad if people won’t read proper books anymore with the pretty covers, old or new smell and put then onto lovely book shelves. Sometimes I just go and look at my books. They are in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. I love to see which books I have enjoyed and which ones I need to read still. I had to say to my boyfriend that even though I was excited by the Nook that I wouldn’t be getting rid of my books! He looked a little disappointed as I think he is fearful that one day we will have a room where the walls are lined with books (it is not far off this now to be honest!) So, I have never been sure about these e-book readers just because I couldn’t work out how one, plus my normal books, would fit into my life. But I have figured that it will be great to download the old classics for free and use it for magazines and newspapers…. and of course it will be great for the train and when on holiday etc. I have also realised it is quite handy for reading those books you don’t want others to see you reading (like 50 Shades of Grey and a book I currently want called Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?) They are books you just wouldn’t want on the shelf aren’t they?! So, I am quite excited about it and currently waiting for it to charge so I can play with it! One thing, I found ironic though, is that in order to use it you need to read the instruction book! I guess books will never completely go………….

In terms of other presents, I have had lovely real books, bags, jewellery and some quote plaques! With my love of words I want to start a quote wall with lots of quote plaques!! I also had some photo albums… another passion of mine as you will know! So people know me very well and I am very lucky! A very good birthday…. not sure it quite matches up to my 25th though!

Of course the real gift is feeling the presence of people around you. I have had so many texts, cards and facebook messages and to be around my closest friends last night was great!

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Formal rowing dinner tonight with my boyfriend and our parents.. and lots of other rowing people! I’ll also call it birthday part 2!



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