Old friends are gold; new friends are silver….

Naturally, I am talking about ‘old’ friends as in an old, lasting friendships – not age! Yet, the longer you are friends, the older they get and it is a lovely thought to think you are getting older together. Or in our case, with me and my friends, we have grown-up together. And even in that sense, there are two examples. The ones I have knows since I was 5 and we have literally grown-up together and the ones from secondary school and sixth form, we have grown-up together in so many ways! Making many a mistake along the way.

I am extremely rich in terms of friendship and I find myself possessing much gold and silver…….even some bronze, if you think of acquaintances too! I have a group of friends from school and we have all been friends for over ten years. In fact a few of them, I have been friends with for 22 years, since we started school. My closest friend, has always remained close and our truly golden friendship has never shifted. We have both worked hard to stay close though. And all the other school friends, we have always made the effort. The reason I am writing this post today is because I spent the night last night with these golden, sparkly friends. We were celebrating my closest friend’s birthday at a party at her house. One  of my friends, who in previous posts I have referred to as my GBF (gay best friend), started getting a little emotional about how we had all stayed so close. We all have very different jobs, new groups of friends, live in different areas, yet we always get together regularly and especially when it matters i.e. birthdays. I thought to myself last night after this was said, that no matter happens in the future with new friends or when I feel I don’t fit in certain situations, I will always have these people to turn to. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

Silver friends are just as important… in fact, in terms of jewellery, I prefer silver. Not that that has any particular meaning here as I don’t play favourites with friends. Silver friends are so valuable though because they are the friends we make as adults and will most likely be more similar to us, share our interests and reflect the people we have become. I have a close group of girly mates that fall into this category and they are all from my old school, where we all once (some still do) worked as TAs. So our job, similar career aspirations, attitudes towards the field all created a strong bond between us. We all had different previous experiences, are different ages (I think we worked out that at school we were all in a different year, as there is a range of 5 years – I am the youngest, may I add 😉 ), and come from different areas. If we were to all meet at the age of 14, I am not sure we would have been friends but at the time of life we did meet, it was a perfect time for a friendship to blossom. So, see how you can have very different groups of friends? I love it and feel very lucky.

I also have university friends who I see separately or sometimes we meet for reunions. They share a part of my life that, when with them, I love to revisit. I also have other groups of ex-colleagues who I see too. The important thing to do is to stay in touch with people then you won’t lose friends but just keep on gaining. Naturally, this isn’t always the case because if the other party aren’t putting effort in then things will gradually fall apart and you will drift. That is life. But if you make the effort, you know you have done all you can do to preserve friendships. Not just precious metals but they are also like plants and they need tender loving care. (I feel I am now getting too sentimental like my GBF last night!)

I notice that some people like to have ‘one’ friend at a time, whether that is someone they have just met or a ‘flavour of the week’ typed friend and I find this odd. I guess it works for them and some people feel they need that one person to be with all the time. I need groups of individuals. Meaning, groups when we socialise and I can also spend time with them as individuals when we choose. But one thing I love is meeting friends and introducing them to other friends – mixing the silver with gold if you will. I like to keep creating new circles and expanding them, whereas I know some people like to keep certain friends to themselves. I say, show them off and let them meet new people and spread the love!

So see friends as antiques, treasure the golden ones – they are so precious. They share your past, know the previous versions of yourself and you will always have things to talk about like funny stories from the ‘olden’ days. Don’t forget to keep collecting silver ones though because they are just as valuable in life and will help you grow in the current part of your life. And don’t forget about the bronze – the people you meet a couple of times, acquaintances, friends of friends. Nurture them because they could become silver, or eventually gold.



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