A Stupid Free Christmas (Day)…

Lately, I have a done a lot of really silly things. Not major, life changing things but annoying things that have really made me angry with myself.

These include:

– Getting a rash from a Christmas sequin necklace (not really my fault but I should have known to be carfeul due to my sensitive skin.)

– put my MP3 player in the washer

-crashed my car into a trolley bay in a supermarket (this is the biggy and happened the same day as the above 2 – not a good day!)

– got a flat tyre (not really sure that’s my fault but it was that I didn’t notice it for ages!)

– some how managed to break the Tv (the sound went really screechy – when I showed my boyfriend, it worked perfectly – don’t you hate it when that happens?!)

– Lost a Christmas present (to find in its original packaging ‘in a safe place.’)

– Wrapped up 2 presents together, not realising (then having a go, via email, to eBay user that I hadn’t received this ‘2nd present’)

I think that’s it and it all seems quite comical when I think of them all together like that. I have just  this minute finished writing  grovelling apologetic email to the eBay user! I am also waiting for the garage to ring about my damaged car. They said ‘Thursday morning’ and I was gloatingly waiting for 12 noon to arrive so I now have the right to phone them – god I am my Mother’s daughter! Ha.

Yes, the last few days I have not been my best friend and at times I was also thinking that the universe was trying to send me some sort of signal and I had done something wrong and needed to be punished! This is a tad dramatic yes and I think these things do come to test us… yet my usual belief is that they come in Threes – so I think I have had more than my fair share of incidents now (fingers crossed). Yet, again, we have to put things in perspective and nothing too badly has happened (and I hope it doesn’t – no foreshadowing of things to come please!)Facebook can also make us do stupid things!

My point for telling you all this, was that even though all these annoying things happened, I had a near-perfect Christmas Day (apart from the moment when my boyfriend’s brother and girlfriend opened up the ‘2 eBay’ present s and I had to awkwardly explain that one wasn’t for them!) We had a lovely day with my boyfriend’s family and my family. Breakfast with one and dinner with the other. I made canapes (which turned out and given the previous few days, I had no faith that they would!) The first Christmas dinner my boyfriend and I ever cooked went well too and I was very proud how well we worked as a team! We played games, watched a funny films and everyone opened lovely presents. Very nice day.

So even though my incidents weren’t life changing or the end of the world or life or death… I am trying to say that we can all make the most of what we have and enjoy a lovely family Christmas. I know families that have lost loved ones this year and Christmas was going to be hard, they still had a nice day. We have to make the most of what we have and our version of ‘perfect’ is different – for me it was me getting through 24 hours without doing stupid things!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and no matter what is going on in your life at the moment, you still managed to have at least one ‘near perfect’ moment this Christmas Day….. if not, it’s just one day, and there are 364 more days to have perfect moments. 😉

Bring on the New Year – I have a feeling what a few of my New Year Resolutions will be 😉


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