Happy Feast-er!

I’m not religious. I’ve said that before. However, I do always give chocolate up for Lent. This isn’t anything related to Christianity (for me) and some of you may call me a hypocrite – but any of us could say that to people who celebrate Easter, yet do not worship God. I do it for personal reasons and an individual challenge. I choose to do it that time of year, rather than any other, mainly because others are giving up things too (and chocolate eggs are a great way to end this period of chocolate dieting 😉 )

I must guiltily admit though, that this year, I finished my ‘Lent’ 3 days early.

For 2 reasons:

1.)  I went to Pizza Express for a colleague’s retirement on Thursday and the dessert options for the £12.95 offer were both chocolate related 😉 Sorry I couldn’t resist!

2.) My friends came for dinner on Good Friday and one made a super chocolately cake – so I couldn’t ignore the great effort. Plus it made it a very GOOD Friday! 😉 I still went 6 weeks without the brown stuff though, so I am happy with my effort. 🙂

So Easter for me, is about treating myself to what I have starved myself of for 6 weeks. Like I also said in my Christmas post, it should be about spending time with friends and family. I am not mocking religion or belittling it anyway and I truly respect and admire those who celebrate it for its actual meaning. But, I am just being me and being honest at how I celebrate a holiday in my own, individual way. It is the free time that I always feel lucky to have and I plan to spend that in the most productive ways possible. (As Easter allows school workers to have a scrummy 2 weeks off!)

My boyfriend and I are going out on a date night tonight. We realised we hadn’t been out just the two of us in a long time. Again, typically untraditionally, we are going for a Thai meal 🙂

So, what this short blog post is saying today is:

Enjoy Easter, how you choose. If you are lucky enough to have the long weekend off work, then spend it with the things you love the most. For me that is friends, family and chocolate 🙂

Easter is for family...... even chocolate bunny families! ;-)

Easter is for family…… even chocolate bunny families! 😉

I’ll take this opportunity to remind you of my thoughts about chocolate and religion in two of my previous posts:



Have a lovely feast-er! 😀



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