Tattoos are things that people rarely sit on the fence about. They are bit like marmite; people love them or hate them!  People can go a little bit crazy with them… and my rule is: if there is more ink than skin, then that ain’t a good look! And as for having people’s names tattooed – a bit boring, unoriginal and could result in disaster. You don’t want to get divorced and have to have a stain removed off your skin amongst everything else. I know, some people have their children’s names tattooed and not just partners – and children are for life like tattoos etc – -but to that I say: Do you really need a reminder every time you look at your arm of what your kids’ names are?!

‘Ah yeh, Abigail, Beth and Harry, my 3 kids, thank god I had them ingrained into my skin for hangover days when I can’t even remember my name, let alone my kids’!’

Mmmmm…… that’s what post-it notes are for  😉 But seriously, even when I have kids I won’t want their names on my arm/shoulder/back. I will love them but I’d rather look at them than at an inky representation of them. And if having kids is like what I’ve heard, then when I finally get a break from them, I won’t want that red ink screaming up at me and reminding me of Sammy junior’s tantrum that morning. (I won’t seriously call my child Sammy Junior, I promise!)

Because, that’s the thing isn’t? Tattoos are for life; not just for that wild, impulsive day you wanted to be ‘young’ again. They become a part of you forever. many people say that they will look awful when you are older and wrinkle up. Well, my response to that is: our whole body will wrinkle up, but with a tattoo we have a souvenir and a reminder of the  ‘good’ old days and we remember why we had it and the person we were then. That’s what I’m hoping anyway……

I have a tattoo. I must be one of the only people to have a tattoo and have absolutely no piercings! I don’t even have my ears pierced. Never been fond of having holes drilled into me – whether they can heal up or not. But I do see tattoos as a form of art and when I left University, my housemate  and I decided to get a tattoo to reflect that part of our lives. It was to signify the end of University life – the last ‘crazy’ thing we would do. (Now though, 6 years later – I know, it wasn’t the last crazy thing I did 😉 ) It was all very thought out and we went to a Tattoo parlour to look at designs, we tried to create our own, we asked around and finally a few weeks later we  had them. I had:

The feminism/female symbol: One friend did joke once; ‘Have you had this so people know you are a girl?!’


It is the symbol for feminism and naturally used for women and females a lot too. I  studied feminism a lot at University as part of my English degree. I considered myself a feminist at Uni and also, as I left, I was a strong, confident woman waiting for the  next life step. So, for me, it was the perfect tattoo to get. Do I regret it? No… my only regret is that I didn’t get a bigger version of the symbol! I was such a wimp and so worried that it would a.) go wrong b.) I would regret it …. that I opted for it as small as possible. So, people need a magnifying glass to see it, but it is there! The plus point of this…. when I am older, I won’t be able to see it anyway! 😉 haha.

One reason people are put off- is the pain. I am the biggest wimp. I don’t even like tweezing my eyebrows! This didn’t hurt. That may be because it is a tiny dot of ink 😉 and also because  it is on a fleshy part of my back too. So it depends what you have an where – and what you are prepared to go through.

My boyfriend hates tattoos and didn’t want me to have it. He was on holiday in Austria at the time. I spoke to him briefly on the phone the day before and he was not impressed! But since, it was a feminist tattoo, I was going for, I thought it would be kind of ironic if my boyfriend stopped an independent woman doing what she wanted to do 😉 So I had it. And I love it. It is on my back an I can show it off and hide it when I want to too. I love telling people that I have it, because people always seem shocked. I have no piercings as I said above; I am quite conventional in most ways; I am a book geek. My tattoo is my piece of wild 😉

It was a radio show that inspired me to write this. They were asking listeners what made them want a tattoo and why they chose what they had etc. The one  woman I heard had all her grandchildren on her arm – yawn. But she did say that when you have  one, you do want more and this part I agree with. When I turn 30, I want another one to reflect that part of my life. Another small symbol I think – that can keep my other lonely one company 🙂

Some questions to leave with you:

  • Do you have one? Would you have one?

  • What do you think of children’s/people’s names on them?

  • And… what can I have for my next one?!




11 thoughts on “Tattoos: Too Tatty?

  1. Being the housemate you went with I can verify we put a lot of thought into out tattoos. Mine was also to signify my life so far, I had 3 stars to represent me and my brothers who are my best friends. However, Sammy Junior ; ) now I have a child I would also like to represent that part of my life. I haven’t decided what to have or when (depends if we have another child or not as I’d want a joint one) but I wouldn’t completely discard the idea of names. It’s more likely I’d get some kind of symbol to represent the kids like my current stars though. It’s a representation of love and the people who mean the most to you. Anyway I have a lot of time to think about it and will make my decision at the time but my lonely one will def be getting a friend some day!!!!

    1. Yeh, come up with something more original than the names then – I like the combined idea 🙂 good reason to have another kiddie 😉 haha

    1. lol fair do’s! Surprises me though, with you having a bit of a wild side and being into all things creative, thought you would like them 😉

  2. Kenny only does not like them because hes been brainwashed by mum, he’ll come around. Suggest he gets a Trent one and he probably will, or tell him he can’t then he will want to.

    As a man I don’t need to worry about the old and wrinkly part. The parts of me that will sag the most when I’m old I shouldn’t have out in public.

    I agree names are a little over done. I came up with an original way to do it though. I want a name hidden as an optical illusion in another image. That way you have to look closely to see it. Otherwise you just need the image.

    Despite the fact I want one I will most likely never get a tattoo. Tattoos are a form of art they should express something about you. I’d quite like a red medieval dragon on my left shoulder/upper arm. I’d hide the name in the dragons scales. The problem is for something the size and level of detail I’d like I would have to go to a very experienced tattoo artist and it would likely be at least a whole day session. I’m expecting to be charged around £500 for what I’d like and at the moment theres a huge list of things I’d rather spend £500 on. If I compromised and got something smaller or more generic it wouldn’t be about expressing myself anymore so there would be no point.

    I do think way too many people get tattoos. They are supposed to be about expression and so many people get one because they liked the one their friend got or they get a popular tattoo. Seems a little backwards to express yourself by picking something from the common tattoos book

    1. Yeh it should be to reflect someone’s own creativity I think – and yeh is so many samey ones that people copy and imitate. yours sounds good! you could ask as a combined bday n xmas pressie off everyone you know haha!

      Don’t need Kenny to come round, he has his opinions and that’s cool – won’t stop me having another though 😉

  3. I did not brain wash Kenny – he has his own mind and ideas as do all of my kids – just on this subject he has better ideas than Dave (lol!) Cathy also does not like them and there is no way I could have brain washed her she is too scary.

  4. I am aesthetically and ethically opposed to tatoos. My father wants me to get one (or two).

    “I’ve got it, Ton,” he says to me, “You can get two tatoos. Put Jesus on your right arm and John Prine on your left.”

    Tempting, but I’ll pass.

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