Hey guys,

Had to share with you something. Something that I had done yesterday and something that most of my peers had done over a decade ago: I got my ears pierced! Funny really, I’ve never been bothered about it. But as I have got older I have enjoyed wearing all the jewellery I can and earrings were something I was missing out on. But even then I wasn’t bothered about having a piercing. Clip-ons were my answer, yet they should have been called ‘clamp-downs’ as they hurt so bloody much! Countless nights of throbbing ears – and not with the banging music – but where the awful peg like earrings had grabbed to my poor lobes. I rarely wore a pair for the whole night, as they hurt so bloody much. (Bloody being the operative word.)

My ears began to bleed for other reasons though: friends and family exclaiming, ‘Why don’t you just have them pierced?!’ The final straw….or piece of ear ache…. came when my aunty and uncle bought me some gorgeous earrings for my birthday last week. She claimed to have not realised I didn’t have them pierced…. but it could have all been a clever ploy. 😉 I decided I loved the earrings so much, that I would indeed have them pierced.

So yesterday, I did. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought – in fact I was thinking (partly aloud I think) that she hadn’t actually gone all the way through with her gun! It didn’t hurt half as much as wearing the clamp-ons all night! I am now the proud owner, at the age of 28 years, of two ears with holes in.

me pierced
Ear ear!


The one downside… apart from the 6 month wait to wear my much desired danglys is that I am no longer ‘the girl with a tattoo and no piercings.’ I kind of liked that about myself: I had a tattoo and was oh so brave but didn’t have my ears pierced like many 5 year olds. It’s all a downward slide to this…..

….maybe not!

The cute thing about it all, was that I had them pierced on my auntie’s birthday, which was nice since her choice of earrings was the push that made me do it!




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