I consider myself to be a ‘writer’ just as people who love to cook can call themselves a ‘chef’ or people who plant flowers call themselves a ‘gardener’. We can be what we want to be. I am not what you would consider to be a professional writer but I am looking into this – i.e. various courses to improve, ways to get my writing out there, how to be published  – as I am sure, in some way, we all are!

I have always enjoyed writing, however. I loved writing stories at Primary school and used to get very good feedback for my imagination and writing skills. This passion then developed through secondary school and even though it wasn’t ‘cool’ to be interested in the writing field, I worked on the school newspaper for a while in addition to studying the books and essays that the subject of English expected of me. Reading has always been a hobby too and the more we read, the more we have a an appetite to write, I think.

I naturally, did English through the rest of my studies and throughly enjoyed writing essays, papers, articles and stories. I also created a creative writing portfolio as part of my degree. My discipline hasn’t always been the best with doing extra activities outside of formal education. I didn’t really start writing for pleasure until a few years ago. Outside of the school and Uni environment, I found myself working in a school as a Teaching assistant (rather than a student!) and I missed the writing part of life. I started writing a book about my role as a teaching assistant an the funny stories that occured in the class room. Then poems, stories and other ideas followed. I find the hardest part is now finishing each of these 😉 which is why I would love to do a writing course to force me to be more focussed!

My ‘pieces of paper’ that reflect my qualifications so far, are as follows:

  • BA Honours degree in English (2:1 class) – this included work in creative writing, drama, poetry, English, American and African literatures, media, language, gender and spoken language. I consider my areas of expertise to be ‘spoken language and gender,’ This was the area I did my dissertation on and has always been an area of interest.
  • A Levels in English Language, English Literature and Psychology.
  • GCSEs in English Literature, English Language, Maths, Science, Food Technology, German, French, Geography and I.C.T.
  • HLTA certificate – which basically means I am a Teaching Assistant of a level 4 standard.
  • Full Driving License – it was the most difficult thing I have ever completed!
  • Food Hygiene Level 2
  • School’s First Aid – which I believe is currently out of date!

Life experience is equally as important as  the above and I constantly strive to gain that in addition to formal qualifications. Read my blog post https://samanthagray9.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/graduating-through-life/ for my thoughts on this subject.

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