Put all your Balls in one Basket…

Evening guys, you’ll be pleased to know that I am feeling much better after my headache and was actually motivated enough to take part in sport after school! I know! I play at my old school with the staff there – partly because it is right near my house, partly because I enjoy it but mainly because it took them 2 years to persuade me to come along and join in so I thought after starting a new job, I should make sure I still keep going! It is fun, a good workout but I’m not very good. I have never been very coordinated, competitive or ruthless – vital characteristics for team sports!

It reminded me of my two posts from a while ago, titled; Exercise is Dangerous as it can get very rough! There has been quite a few accidents since I have been playing. Touch wood, fingers crossed, I have only have ever had banged fingers or the occasional sore face from the ball hitting me. But once, one of the female student teachers went flying after tripping mid-air to get to the ball. She slammed onto the hard, wooden gym floor. I know it’s the ball you are meant to slam dunk, not yourself 😉 She went head first too and her head, above her eyebrow was gaping open. Awful. Game stopped because of this… the tired side of me sighed with heavy relief but the rest of me was really concerned for the poor girl. She went to hospital and it got ‘sewn up’. See how exercise is so dangerous?!

On an average day though, it is just anywhere between 6- 12 of us running up and down a school gym, throwing the ball back and forth until a good few baskets are scored. As I say, I am not very good. Today they were deciding on teams. Normally it works out with colours we wear… 5 people will turn up in blue and they will form one team. But today we were all inconsiderately in random colours so the teams were being picked to make it even in terms if ability. I stood quietly and said how it felt like school where I was always tha last to be picked 😦 haha! I sometimes feel quite awkward trying to get into a space and I find it hard to mark the other team… I think it is mainly because I am a bit ‘scared’ of the ball and can’t just ‘get in there’ as much as I would like. It took me a long while to even have a go at dribbling… if I caught I would be so pleased that I would  either quickly pass it straight it on in excitement and it would go to the other team or I would inwardly celebrate and then it would get taken off me in the meanwhile! Hopefully, I will get better with time though.

I have managed to get a few baskets in whilst playing… got 2 in today yay! When i first started, everyone was so enthusiastic when I got one in…infact I think once they all kept throwing it to me until I got one in! It is slightly embarrassed as they all say, ‘Nice basket, Sam!’ I asked myself why I feel embarrassed because I can comfortably take compliments about most things but when it comes to sport related things I feel a bit awkward and I think it’s because it always been a bit of a stigma for me because I have never felt confident about it or been any good at anything like that! But as I have got older, I make myself try different things and I think at the end of the day at least I have haha a laugh and got some exercise in…. as dangerous as it may be 😉

As I said, I am not very competitive and I just like to have fun… my sporty friends laugh at this and day its more fun if you are competitive. Nah, I can have just as much fun by laughing at myself dropping the ball than anything else!

So guys, don’t be scared to try something new… it may be dangerous but it’s ok, as long as you have fun 😉

See you tomorrow,