Massage Message

Last weekend, my sister took me to a spa day: a present for my birthday. It was a brilliant day and we went to the gym (just so we could divulge guilt-free in the later afternoon tea!), lounged by the pool, actually went in the pool and finished with a sit down in the sauna. My patient sis even sat quietly by the pool whilst I read a chapter of my book šŸ™‚ We paid extra to have our nails done, which was great. Purple talons to match my purple dress for the evening.

The part I want to discuss mainly is the massage. It was the first one I hadĀ everĀ had. Especially since my boyfriend has always refused to give me one on the occasion I have asked! if you think about it massages are weird: you pay a stranger to rub you. I walked into the massage room at the spa and was greeted by candles, plinky plonky music and an overall serene atmosphere – oh and a woman at least 5 years my junior, asking me to take my clothes off and tell her when I was ready. I found it odd that the candles and ambience of the room was all eye level, as when you on the massage table, you are looking at the floor: boring, plain, grey carpet – couldn’t the candles have been put on the floor? ToĀ FriendsĀ fans out there, you will understand why this next bit is funny. I started thinking about Phoebe and when she massages Rachel and the only way she is recognised is by her shoes – and in another episode, she dresses her feet up with nail polish, ankle bracelets etc, as it is the only thing he can see with his head in the hole! So, I looked at my masseuse’s feet: but no, just plain black slip on shoes. Boring! I was part giggling to myself at the Friends reference though and also wondering to myself why I was so tense. This was supposed to be relaxing!Ā But it’s like with anything that is supposed to be something: clubs are supposed to be fun; a dinner that took hours to cook is supposed to be more delicious; New Year’s Eve is supposedĀ to be the nest night of the year. I wasn’t relaxed.

I gradually become relaxed though, as much as I could be in this odd situation. Head in a hole with a stranger’s hands moving across my bare back. I then realised that I did feel more relaxed and that my mouth was open and maybe I was now too relaxed! What if I dribbled on the floor? And then the masseuse Ā slipped over? I was back in that FriendsĀ episode! Haha. Too may thoughts were going round my head and then the half an hour was up.Ā 

I would try it again, as everyone I have spoken to has said Ā it can take some getting used to. How much I want to get used to strangers touching me, I’m not sure! And as much as I prefer getting my nails done, I’ll give the head a hole rubbing charade another try! Even if it is just for the plinky plonly music šŸ˜‰