Put all your Balls in one Basket…

Evening guys, you’ll be pleased to know that I am feeling much better after my headache and was actually motivated enough to take part in sport after school! I know! I play at my old school with the staff there – partly because it is right near my house, partly because I enjoy it but mainly because it took them 2 years to persuade me to come along and join in so I thought after starting a new job, I should make sure I still keep going! It is fun, a good workout but I’m not very good. I have never been very coordinated, competitive or ruthless – vital characteristics for team sports!

It reminded me of my two posts from a while ago, titled; Exercise is Dangerous as it can get very rough! There has been quite a few accidents since I have been playing. Touch wood, fingers crossed, I have only have ever had banged fingers or the occasional sore face from the ball hitting me. But once, one of the female student teachers went flying after tripping mid-air to get to the ball. She slammed onto the hard, wooden gym floor. I know it’s the ball you are meant to slam dunk, not yourself ūüėČ She went head first too and her head, above her eyebrow was gaping open. Awful. Game stopped because of this… the tired side of me sighed with heavy relief but the rest of me was really concerned for the poor girl. She went to hospital and it got ‘sewn up’. See how exercise is so dangerous?!

On an average day though, it is just anywhere between 6-¬†12 of us running up and down a school gym, throwing the ball back and forth until a good few baskets are scored. As I say, I am not very good. Today they were deciding on teams. Normally it works out with colours we wear… 5 people will turn up in blue and they will form one team. But today we were all inconsiderately in random colours so the teams were being picked to make it even in terms if ability. I stood quietly and said how it felt like school where I was always tha last to be picked ūüė¶ haha! I sometimes feel quite awkward trying to get into a space and I find it hard to mark the other team… I think it is mainly because I am a bit ‘scared’ of the ball and can’t just ‘get in there’ as much as I would like. It took me a long while to even have a go at dribbling… if I caught I would be so pleased that I would¬† either quickly pass it straight it on in excitement and it would go to the other team or I would inwardly celebrate and then it would get taken off me in the meanwhile! Hopefully, I will get better with time though.

I have managed to get a few baskets in whilst playing… got 2 in today yay! When i first started, everyone was so enthusiastic when I got one in…infact I think once they all kept throwing it to me until I got one in! It is slightly embarrassed¬†as they all say, ‘Nice basket, Sam!’ I asked myself why I feel embarrassed¬†because I can comfortably¬†take compliments about most things but when it comes to sport related things I feel a bit awkward and I think it’s because it always been a bit of¬†a stigma for me because I have never felt confident about it or been any good at anything like that! But as I have got older, I make myself try different things and I think at the end of the day at least I have haha a laugh and got some exercise in…. as dangerous as it may be ūüėČ

As I said, I am not very competitive and I just like to have fun… my sporty friends laugh at this and day its more fun if you are competitive. Nah, I can have just as much fun by laughing at myself dropping the ball than anything else!

So guys, don’t be scared to try something new… it may be dangerous but it’s ok, as long as you have fun ūüėČ

See you tomorrow,


Stealing your Trust.

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m trusting that you won’t mind of I visit a more serious topic today. I had some bad news. My partner is a rower.. as I’ve mentioned before.. and he is away for the weekend camping at a regatta (remember I only go to the one day ones ūüėČ ) .. anyway, he phoned me this morning to tell me that last night, whilst all the rowers were out, the campsite got burgled. Phones, money and other valuables were taken along with two actual tents!!

When they returned, clothes and invaluable belongings were strewn all over the field. A couple of expletives come to my tongue now but I’ll try not to send them¬†out¬† into blog land as that won’t help anyone. The first thoughts you will probably have are, ‘How can people do this?¬†Steal from someone else!’ But it also got me thinking about the other side… and even though… it is so wrong that people do this… but why oh why did some of the rowers leave valuables in the tents? Were they asking for it? ¬†And just how trusting should you be.. with anyone?¬† Do these thieving mongrels really end up stealing our trust and faith in fellow human beings more than anything else? Possessions are just things and can be replaced but no one can give back the pure innocence of ‘everyone is a friend’ feeling that we have as children.

My boyfriend, luckily, was sensible enough to put his valuables either on him or locked in his car. But some of the others, especially the younger ones, kept smart phones, money and purses in their tents. Their innocence and naivety will now be replaced with cautious, wary and untrusting attitudes (or at least I would think it would be!)‚Ķ is this a good thing though? Should we all and need to learn to be aware and responsible or should we be carefree and have a ‘if it happens, it happens…sh*t happens’ kind of mantra? Seems though, that sadly, they have learnt an important lesson when camping.


Leave your valuables in your car or preferably take them with you!!


I will tell you that I am not at all trusting. And no it hasn’t stemmed from an awful childhood (I had a great one… remember the mud pies?!) or the fact that I was severely bullied (even though I did get called a geek a lot… but I’ve made my peace with that ūüėČ ) or the fact that I have been completely duped or been¬†‘had’ in any way. I’ve just always been taught to not trust people until I really know them… and how many people would I trust with my life? Mmmm I’m not sure; it is a scary thought. I’ve always liked the quote, ‘Love many, trust few, live life to the full!’ You can still be nice and friendly to everyone you meet… just don’t let them hold your purse whilst you go to the loo… or give them your pin number!

I sometimes think that people like to push the boundaries of security by leaving their front doors unlocked or by having a stash of money in their house or by walking around with their ¬£200 phone waving about. I’m going to risk sounding old here but I never carry a lot of cash with me, my phone is always zipped in my bag and I always walk with my bag on my shoulder with the zip nearest my hand…so someone can’t just delve in behind. The house is always locked, whether I’m in or out ( a fire hazard.. you may add…. well that’s a whole other issue), our valuables are in ‘safe’ places (sometimes so safe that I forget where!) Am I paranoid? Probably. Is there a less chance that we will get things stolen than anyone else? Probably Not. But why make it easy for the good-for-nothing-stealing-toe-rags?!

One of my mates last week, was finishing her thesis for her PHD. Naturally, she had to back up her work and did this quite a few times to keep it secure. She told us that as it was complete and ready to print, she actually slept with her memory stick (not what I thought people had plastic devices in the bedroom for…). This was just in case they got burgled that night and the computer was stolen… she wanted to make sure that she had her work with her. Again if a fire occurred it could be a different story… because would she think about rescuing her plastic device containing her cleverest scientific thoughts? Mmmmm‚Ķ and was she paranoid? Or was it just good sense?

I don’t know if any of you out there have ever been robbed or broken into. The closest we have come to (fingers crossed, touch wood and all that…) is when my boyfriend’s car got broken into a few years back. This was again at a rowing regatta (I’m not painting them in the best light haha‚Ķ overall the rowing community are very lovely and seem to be very generous and helpful and normally it’s outsiders that seem to cause the trouble but I won’t point any definite fingers). We got back to the car at the end of the day and I think the window was smashed. They had tried o take his car CD player and succeeded. They also took a bag with a number of clothes¬†in (another tip, never leave anything on show… even that Spice Girl’s Cd because these rob-dogs will take anything!) and the thing I remember the most was the feeling I had. Someone had not just stolen things but stolen our personal space. Someone had been in his car without permission; stealing trust, security and happiness. That is what they really steal. I would love to hear if anyone has any other stories…

So guys watch your backs and who you trust…. don’t let them steal your faith in human kind but just be aware that not everyone is as good a human being as you!

Right, I’m off to check the door is locked…and if my new car is still outside! Haha.

See you tomorrow,


Swimming in Play Doh and Fish Tanks

Howdy folks, another busy day of the six week¬†hols today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as so far the holiday isn’t going too quickly!

Today, I took my new car swimming for the first time. No, don’t worry, I didn’t actually take it in water! But it had it’s first¬†visit to the leisure centre car park for my swimming session, where I hope (motivation and energy depending) it will have many visits! Yes, I went swimming first thing. I was actually in the pool for 7am – crazy I know. I only do that every so often. I’d like to say I go that early because it is nice and quiet but noooo it’s¬† absolutely packed! With old people who clearly have it drummed into their retirement schedule, dedicated workers who get a workout in before they start work ( I only ever come this early when I’m off work! Lunatics!) and other crazy people like me I guess!

One girl really annoyed me today. I have no valid reason for this. But she just got in the pool and swam really fast and didn’t stop for a good 40 min. She swam past me a few times making me feel like¬†a slow sea turtle that hadn’t woke up yet! Not only that but she looked perfect! At 7am! In the swimming pool! She had this really long plaited hair and just swam with such grace, I really felt annoyed! I go in with my hair randomly¬†thrown on the top of my head, bright blue goggles on and I swim like a child, thrashing my way along the pool as if I’m rushing to get an ice-cream on holiday! My arms fly out as¬†I attempt front crawl and I end up accidentally swallowing water and every now and then I have to stop to wipe the mist off my goggles just so I don’t bang into the oldies! Who would put the effort into looking and behaving amazing at swimming at 7am? Nobody¬†I guess, which is why it’s so annoying because it probably just comes naturally to her! Boo!

One week, I went swimming in the evening and I saw a pupil from school. He said to me in a surprised voice, ‘Miss you look totally different from school!’ I think I laughed but really I was thinking, ‘Of course I bloody do, I’m wearing bright blue goggles, no make-up, my hair looks like it’s been dragged through a swamp and oh yes I’m wearing a tight fitted lycra¬†costume!’ Kids eh?

Speaking of kids, I saw the Special Needs lad from Friday¬†again today. I ‘babysat’¬† him for a few hours… I don’t like saying ‘babysat’ because he is 15! But you know what I mean and it does have the joys and downfalls of watching a toddler to be honest! We had lots of fun though, firstly with Play Doh! I made sure I got a bottle of coke and lemonade out so that he could show me if he wanted a drink and more importantly have a choice¬†of drink (remember he doesn’t speak) but we ended up using them to hold up a cupboard door (that I have lying around after decorating the kitchen!) to make a ramp. Which, was obviously, for our Play Doh balls to roll down! I actually used to do this at school with him in Maths for a unit on Shape and looking at¬†‘Things that Roll’. It was great though to not have the same structure and rules of a classroom and just let him play (within reason… I had to keep a close eye on my pictures on the wall! haha). He was muchly excited and throwing his big splat of brown Play Doh up the slope, which quite frankly I could have played quite a prank on my boyfriend with if it had been left on the floor! I made a perfectly round ball for him to roll and he threw it back at me and then laughed his head off…. (so much that we could have used his head to roll down the ramp!)….he obviously preferred his ‘splat’ and wasn’t impressed with my attempt!

After, we watched Postman Pat. Mum said this was the latest craze that he was into. He was very excited and swaying and rocking about at the bright red van and Jess the cat and all that. So much that I had to swap seats with him because I was getting quite concerned about my corner cabinet swaying, which was full of my boyfriend’s glass rowing trophies!! Who knew Postman Pat was such a hit with teenage boys eh?

After Mum had¬†a good few hours to run errands, we went to meet her for lunch. We went in my car to meet her and he was the first passenger in it, not that he was impressed… it’s no bright red van is it now?! We had a lovely lunch at a garden centre but I don’t think he had quite enough to drink¬†because when we got to the water features (remember I said he loved water?) we couldn’t pull him away and he ended up looking in the one empty stone tank… no fish but plenty¬†of fascinating bubbles! He got so close to the surface of the water that he had a little drink!! Luckily, he didn’t go in further (or we didn’t have to¬† go in after him!), or¬†he wouldn’t¬†have been the only swimmer¬†today! ¬†Very funny, he obviously wasn’t impressed with the apple juice at lunch! He got very excited looking at the various water features and especially the misted pond that he was swaying and groaning and getting very excited again..Sorry Postie Pat, you’re not the only one who has that effect!

So yes a day of swimming; with perfect women, in a sea of Play Doh and nearly in a garden fish tank!!

See you tomorrow,


Come rain or shine

Evening all! Today’s blog is a little later than usual due to the fact that me and my boyfriend have been rowing all day.¬† No not rowing as in arguing silly! Rowing as in boats and water and all that malarky. Well, to be precise, I haven’t been rowing (I tried once and that was enough!) but I was supporting. My boyfriend is the captain of our local rowing club you see and I sometimes go to regattas. Not that often, I’ll admit. Mainly because they are such long days.

You girls¬†and ladies out there who have boyfriends or husbands obsessed with football, I have¬†NO sympathy for you……..because even if they are at professional¬†level and are at training all the time then at least you have the lavish WAG lifestyle to compensate!¬†I don’t¬†often say this but let’s do the maths: ¬†A football game is 90 minutes right? They may play or watch one a few times a week. Poor you! That’s only 4 1/2 hours. Rowing, in my boyfriend’s case, takes up two evenings a week¬†from 6-9pm¬†– 4 evenings if he has meetings too! (Which normally go on past 10pm) Two early weekend mornings a week… we are talking 6am – 1pm (later if there is stuff going on at the club), which means we never¬†get a lie in together unless we have a day off together in the week. In the regatta season, which is unfortunately in the summer, he is gone for every other weekend somewhere in the country. At least (friday evening until sunday evening plus sometimes bank holiday Mondays). Want to stick with that 90 min football match? I thought so……

This is why, you see, I opt to go to the one day regattas… because I’m not keen on camping and I can be supportive without it eating into my whole weekend. Today we were there 10-6….. 2 hour drive added on each ways¬†gives you quite a long day. I have kept myself amused though. On the journey there there¬†was much chatter of ‘cox’ ‘oars’ and being [in a] single’ until I remembered it was rowing related and I lost interest slightly. Haha.

The weather was sunny for the morning at least so I sat by the river in my purple chair¬†with the rowers whilst they waited to race, their parents and other supporters. My boyfriend asked me to write the regatta report that would go in the local newspaper. I protested slightly that I didn’t want to tread on the toes of those who normally do it and he said; ‘Nobody¬†wants to do it.’Well that made the job feel special… but at least writing was something I could do and it would be kind of cool to have something I’d written in the newspaper. Downside was, I couldn’t describe the day in a funny and sarcastic way like I would want to……. so I guess that’s what this blog is for!! No. i¬†would actually have to pay attention to the races. Dammit. I also made a mental note of the how we teach the kids at school of how to write to ‘inform’ so I would write in the correct format. I still made time for reading my book in between the club’s races (The Hunger Games Trilogy if you were wondering….bloody good read!).

As the morning passed, events other than the races occurred. At one point my boyfriend was underneath a blanket of coats with another club member. A male¬†club member. Then I discovered that they were watching the Olympic rowing on their¬†phones and hiding the screen from the sun. I¬†was relieved to say the least! Also, two of the¬†girls after finishing a race, were carrying their boat from the landing stage and shouted to others around, ‘Can you guys please move, my mate needs a wee!’ These rowers are so weird and oh so demanding! ūüėČ I would have just done the wee in the river myself……..

When it’s sunny at a regatta, I tend to look at the sky a lot and try to read the clouds (as well as my book!). I look to see where the next clouds are and how long the sun will be shining on us until it is engulfed by the fluffy patches. (I should be watching the races yeh yeh.) It is like a battle with the sun winning one minute and the clouds the next. By the afternoon, the clouds had won the battle used their weapons of rain. Lots of it. ūüė¶ But the rowers kept going as they always do all year round¬†for all those training sessions I mentioned; come rain or shine!

The club had some wins and some losses today¬†– all in a day’s rowing I guess. I best get report writing…….

See you tomorrow – hopefully in shine not rain!