Like Pulling Teeth



Yesterday, I went to the dentist. You find this when you have half term holidays, not being free in the week the rest of the year, that you make appointment after appointment. This week I have had my flu jab, dentist check-up, hair done and tomorrow I am having my nails done! Fun, fun, fun! Anyway, the dentist was OK, just a check-up and everything was fine. I don’t like going though – who does?! I always feel  little resentful because I know my teeth are fine, yet I must have them checked and fork out £17 to be told that they are fine! In the past, I have also been told to brush them better and one dentist even got a model out and demonstrated… I was thinking, ‘I am not five!’ Maybe I am a little lazy doing it sometimes when I want to go to bed but I know what to do!

The dentist scraped round all my teeth yesterday. I am in two minds about how I feel about this. Part of me wants him to do it because it shows he is checking them properly and I feel I am getting something for my £17! On the other hand, I hate it and I have some sensitive areas near my front teeth and I get quite wound up waiting for the big, evil, metal scraper coming near them. I start to squirm and fidget. The dentist actually said to me yesterday, ‘You need to sit still and let me do it or there is no point in you coming.’ I thought, ‘Oh I am sorry! I pay you and choose to come, therefore you can hurt me as you wish and I just have to sit and take it!’

The worst I have had done is have a tooth out. This was only a year and a half ago and up til then I had never had any work done on my teeth… not bad for a, at the time, 25 year old. The only reason I had a tooth out, too, was because it was a wisdom tooth that was growing into my gum. I was very scared actually but it was over in seconds. I felt a bit poorly and tired the rest of the day though. But all in all lit was OK.

Once when I was at the dentist, a woman was waiting to have some work done in the waiting room and sat next to me. She started to watch the TV and suddenly put her head backwards…  I thought she was not impressed with the programme, but no, she was having some sort of fit. She started to twitch. People put it down to the hot weather and her getting wound up about her treatment.

Teeth are a funny thing aren’t they? We need them to chew, yet it is odd, I think, how we have one set and then have to grow another set as they fall out! At my old school, there was a boy who had grown his new teeth but his baby teeth had never fallen out! No tooth fairy visits for him! He hd two sets of teeth! This obviously could cause problems so he will have them out but how odd! Wonder if he can chew twice as quickly or twice as much? Teeth make our smile, show that we take care of ourselves. My sister has always had pretty strong teeth. When she was little, she tried a sip of my Mum’s wine and bit straight through the wine glass! She also had a lovely ring bought her by our grandparents and but through that until it bent. My Mum had fun explaining that one! Luckily I was never  a victim to these teeth…..

I like using the phrase ‘like pulling teeth’ and I use it a lot at school! If I have been working with frustrating or very weak kids, I say ‘god, it was like pulling teeth!’ Fnny really, because having a teeth pulled out, you can’t feel. Of course you would without anesthestic. But I suppose it links to the pain of it. Doing certain things can be painful, frustrating and annoying like having your teeth out!

I hope you don’t experience anything like that today and show your teeth in a nice, pearly white smile 😀