I love Henry VIII and the whole Tudor period. I am fascinated that someone painted like such a tyrant was able to get six women to marry him. I put my Henry VIII hat on for this poem and thought about my (his) life and his marriages. Here is a link, also, to a blog post I wrote about the subject: https://samanthagray9.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/off-with-your-head/


Another One
Spain in my bed every night,
Such passion, such morals,
Loved by all.
But no boy. No boy. No son.

Out with the old, in with Boleyn,
Dangerous, excitable,
Hated by all.
And no boy. No boy. So no head.

See more, I need a new love,
A not so plain Jane,
Gentle, kind and loving,
And a boy! A boy!
But exchanged for death.

Tears make a river to the next,
Yet I like her not! I like her not!
Picture tells a different story,
I judge the book by the cover.
Don’t read the full story.

How…. I move for….ward,
Light and easy. Young.
Unlike me.
Lots of boys.
But in her bed.
So off with her head!

Finally, last chance at love.
As I near the end.
Someone to care,
Like a daughter.
I can die now, it’s done.
I have a son.

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