I’m a bit obsessed with time and the turn of  a new year. It tends to represent a new start and a cleasnsing. A chance to put things right; get that job; lose weight; buy that house; get married; have a child; meet ‘the one’  – all in all, make that change. This poem tries to reflect the seriousness of that but also the fact that time doesn’t stop in order for us to reflect on all this; so we can mope and think of how to change things, think about the past OR we can just celebrate the new year!


Midnight has struck and
the end is here. The year
has gone. Twelve whole
months and the clock is
set to zero. Four
zeros to be exact. A

blank canvas. A new start.
A chance to start again. No
more chocolate, crisps or wine.
Yet the party is still going. Auld

Lang Syne my dear and the
circle of life continues. Three
hundred and sixty five days
‘til we say it again. Time never
stops. As they all say ‘This
will be our year!’

We all look forward and also
Back. To the past, where it all began.
We say ‘Time flies’ and don’t want to age.
But we have no control. It’s here.

The booze can make us think,
The more of it we drink, I
get all sentimental. Around me all
silly cheer. Take a leaf out
of their time:

No need to be anxious or have fear,
it’s a day like any other; Happy New Year!

I’m not sure the couplet works at the end, as it doesn’t fit with the tone. But it was supposed to represent the actual midnight ‘happy new year’ moment of ecstacy. The enjambent is to reflect the fact that time never stops and I tried to use puctutation to reflect the thinking process. Mmmmm a little more work needed I think!

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