Like the New Year, I am also fascinated by when we changeour clocks. What happens to that gained or lost hour? I love Carol Ann Duffy’s poem Mean Time and that was what gave me the inspiration to write this.  It is supposed represent life and how we can’t stop getting older. I thought it could be read as a circular poem  – the ellipsis allows for it to be read like this – to show that the years come and go round and round.

Time Never Stops

…the hands go into reverse,
for sixty whole ticks,
tick, tick, tick…
they stop.
A whole hour gained
But light is lost.

Dark, dark nights
as dark as my heart
life is short and coming to an end
like the days

life ticks like minutes
every second is precious
and then the hands go up a gear,
we lose time,
but gain some light.

A fair deal; time for light,
we can see into the night,
clear and enlightening,
but time doesn’t stop.

It ticks like minutes,
Every second is valuable,
The clocks never slow down,
tick, tick, tick,
and then….

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