This is another circular poem I wrote and another one about the turn of the new year – but a more light-hearted one. I used a couplet for each month and tried to show that everyone has an idea what should happen and what they should do in a year, and often what resolutions they want to make – but often the new year comes around and we do it all again. With mentions of the Jubilee and the Olympics, this poem did focus on the year 2012 – hence the title (which I am not completely happy with yet, to be honest) but the idea was to  have the first two words ‘twenty twelve’ make sense and the last two ‘twelve months’ making sense – obviously with ‘twelve’ being the key focus.

Twenty Twelve Months

…..A new year of my life,
Every month, I swear no strife!

No January blues for me,
I’ll save money, lose weight, you’ll see

Valentine visit from Cupid
but for me? Oh don’t be stupid!

But I don’t mind, I have me,
March is here, I can see

the sun! The late winter sun
and April showers, oh what fun!

Umbrellas are out on parade,
May Day fun to be played,

Jubilee time for the queen,
Time to see and be seen

by athletes all over the earth,
July gives Olympics twenty twelve a birth,

hot, hot, hot August sun, but
even with rain we still have fun,

or if an Indian summer does arise
and takes us by surprise,

like when trick or treaters at the end,
of October drive us round the bend,

November bring us orange and red
leaves and fashion to be led

into the winter, cold and cold,
Merry Christmas, you’ll be told!

Another end of year is here
And some will moan but I will cheer,

A new year of my life
And this time I really mean no strife!

No January blues for me,
I’ll save money, lose weight, you’ll see….

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