In a Class of our own….

Gone are the days of referring to people in terms of ‘Lower/Working Class,’ ‘Middle Class,’ ‘Upper Middle Class,’ and ‘Upper Class.’ Well almost. We revisit  these days when we watch Downtown Abbey 😉 Was it just a way to  segregate people? It certainly clearly highlighted who had money (and along with it, importance and respect and reputation a lot of the time). I’m not a sociologist and I’m not going to look into this deeply but for me it just divided the country into rich and poor – with some people working hard to get rich and some falling into the upper sections by a decent inheritance.  Yet, it also meant that people had to behave in certain ways i.e. not marrying out of their class. Surely in this way, the classes are stupid.

Which is why it makes sense to have it all shaken up for our modern society. You must have heard that there are now 7  social classes in Britain into which we all fit (with ‘working’ and ‘middle’ classes still mentioned). The BBC, with the help of sociologists, have analysed our society and come up with these 7 new classes:

  • Precariat (Precarious Proletariat)  – I find it amusing that the lowest class have the fanciest name and people with little education won’t understand what it means 😉
  • Emergent Service Workers
  • Traditional Working Class
  • New Affluent Workers
  • Technical Middle Class
  • Established Middle Class
  • Elite

Or to put into pictures with a little more info………

Hope you can just about read that……… do you think this represents our society?!

I’m not sure it is accurate. Apparently, they used 161,000 to do the research on but who were these people that they asked the questions to? I have to laugh because using their social class calculator (I’ll add a link to it at the bottom) I am Established Middle Class! I am a teaching assistant living in a dodgy part of my small, not particularly affluent, town. Yet, the calculator doesn’t ask this. Yes, I am University educated (which the calculator also doesn’t ask)and own a house. The test seems to mainly focus on your interests (so really a personality quiz – because can you not be poor in terms of money but still listen to Classical FM?)  and your associations. So yes, I may be a prostitute but because my friends are lawyers, accountants and teachers then I am Middle Class. Erm…..

We had a laugh today actually at a family dinner (no it wasn’t a banquet with candlesticks, I’m not quite Elite 😉 ). My boyfriend, sister, her boyfriend and my uncle all came out as Established Middle Class also. My Mum and Gran came out as Traditional Working Class ( my  Gran doesn’t have much of an income because she is retired – another thing the calculator doesn’t take into consideration!) My Mum works part-time (by choice) but has some savings, yet doesn’t like the theatre or social networking, which is why she wasn’t any higher. My Dad, hilariously, came out as New Affluent Worker, yet he has the same joint income as my Mum, has the same savings and knows the same people. But because he likes the theatre and watches sport, then he is a class above. Crazy?! Just a tad…. but it did entertain us today; joking that the working class members of the family should wash up etc 😉

So yep, 7 classes, I think it sums up one thing… that we are a more complicated society than decades ago and I think people mix more.So what good does it do to have these classes? Gives us a laugh and gives sociologists and the BBC something to do I guess…. 😉

I am now off  to listen to Classical FM and watch the ballet 😉

So…….Which class do you belong to? Let me know, I’d love to know how other people do!