Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

This was the Daily Prompt for blogging today. Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you. Mmmm…. I couldn’t resist as the thing  I was thinking about earlier, I was considering writing about anyway.

I once had an internet relationship. It seems like a lifetime ago really and it was when I was in my late teens and quite naïve. My main relationships with the internet now are this blog, my love for eBay and amazon, and my hatred for when the internet crashes.

But no, I actually met someone online and then went on to meet them offline, after talking for a year. The whole thing seems so surreal now and like I’m talking about someone else. I started talking to this lad through MSN chat. You remember that? I used to think long and hard about my username and font colour – depending on my mood (my friends and I spent many an evening having ‘groupy’ chats, which sounds so wrong now but was so cool that we could all chat at once!) Anyway, I’m not sure how this lad ended up adding me but we started chatting. Just friendly banter, after the initial A/S/L question (Age sex location for those who didn’t use the internet in the early 2ooos!)

It was great to talk to someone online, whom I didn’t know. We chatted about everything and anything. He was funny and loved to chat like me! I hadn’t really found a man who seemed to love ‘chatting’ up to now and it was exhilarating!

It became a bit of a routine to chat every night, but a good one. It was like having a relationship but just in the early evening. At this point in time, I had started University so this fitted in perfectly. Lectures in the day, online ‘boyfriend’ in the evening and then either going out or sleeping at night. It became quite intense to be honest, like a drug. I had not met this person but I felt very attached and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. Before, you say, it wasn’t an old, creepy man – because he used to put a webcam on so I could see him. No, I am not talking about anything untoward here – it was all perfectly and innocent and he only showed me himself on webcam as a way to prove who he was, I guess. I’m not telling you this to admit something sordid and sexual. I am telling you because I think it is interesting how human nature can form relationships without physically meeting.

We spoke on the net for a year, eventually exchanging mobile numbers. We used to text and chat on the phone then too. It was very thrilling to receive the said texts and phone calls. A stranger but someone whom I felt I knew well.

We had both broken up with partners, which was I think was why we became close. We decided to meet in the flesh. Scary though. No screen of separation. No coming up with witty online and text replies; it would all be real-life and real instant chatting.

He was local so I went to meet him in a shopping centre. I was safe and took my sister and her friends with me. We had a nice day. It was ‘nice’ and not really a lot more to be honest. We got on and I was attracted to him, yes. But it was far more exciting when it was all online and after that nothing more came of it. He got a new partner and I got with my current boyfriend. No more chats and that was it.

I don’t regret it at all. It was a fascinating experience – like a whirl wind, cyber love. That of course, I now realise was no form of love whatsoever. But simply internet banter and someone at the end of a screen to read, listen and type comforting and confidence building comments back. Something we both needed at that particular point in our lives. And something that I will never forget.


I invite you to do the same and tell us something that not many people know about you………….. 😉

N.B I am not advising or promoting teenagers to go and meet people they have met on the internet. I was 19 and had a good head on my shoulders. I spoke to this guy for over a year and, as I said, I managed to get proof of who he really was. If you are going to take the step to meet someone like this, then do what I did and meet them in a public place and take people with you.


Numbers 2: Chaos

The second book in Rachel Ward’s fantastic trilogy doesn’t disappoint. It is just as exciting, if not more, than the first. I must say though, if you haven’t read the first book yet – then click off this page now until you have. As it may spoil some of the plot from the debut. 😉

Half of this book is from the perspective of Adam, the son of Jem and Spider. The other half is from Sarah’s point of view – one of Adam’s school colleagues, who first knows him from her nightmares. She can see the future, you see, in her nightmares. And Adam, you’ve guessed it, has his Mum’s gift and can see the numbers in people’s eyes. Yet, the gift seems to be developing with each generation and Adam can see and feel how the person is going to die too.

Spider and Jem aren’t in this book – you’ll see why at the end of the first book 😉 We are left with Adam, his great-nan from the first book and Sarah to try and help save London from the looming disaster. Adam keeps seeing the same number: 1st Jan 2027.  He sees it in people everywhere he does and knows something terrible is going to happen. This is no London Eye incident from the first book, this is going to affect thousands of people.

Adam starts to record the numbers, the people he saw them in, the place he saw them and the kind of death they will have. He starts to notice a pattern: fire, water and tumbling rubble. If people aren’t going to die on New Year’s Day then a lot of them are predicted to die days after. So what is going to happen? And can Adam change the future by warning people? Is anyone actually going to believe him?

Sarah has the same nightmare every night and her days are filled with a nightmare too  – her Dad rapes her on a regular basis. Up to this point, I thought these books would be great for teenagers in schools to study, but it does has very adult themes like this. Something good comes out of her horrible ordeal though. A child. Which to me, seems a bit odd. I mean, I get why it happened, as a result of incest. But she seems absolutely fine with bringing up her Dad’s baby and doesn’t seem emotionally torn in how to love the baby or now – I just thought that may have been more of an issue. And what will happen when the baby asks about her Dad one day? But Ward does do a great job with Sarah and her love/hatred/fear of her father. And the story running parallel to the first book : means she also runs away. She is also partly running away from Adam, he may have met her at school, but she has known him for years from her nightmares! She is terrified of him but doesn’t know why and as much as she runs, she finds that she always runs into him.

Together, will they figure out a solution to the looming New Year’s Day? Will they all survive? And since the gift has now changed through the generations – can Adam now change the numbers?

My only issue with the book (apart from the baby issue that I have already mentioned) is technology. I like how the book is set in the future and people get chipped and there are these palm computer gadgets that every school pupil has. There are TV screens all over London giving safety info. That all seems quite believable. Yet, Adam doesn’t know how to use the internet. Whaaat? Ward claims, Jem always kept Adam away from the internet because it is full of rubbish. But would we seriously believe that a teenage boy, even these days, would do as his Mum says and avoid the internet completely? Let alone in 14 years time! Teenagers can’t avoid the internet, yet Adam doesn’t even know how to warn people of 1.1.2027 through forums or blogs or anything. I find this to be unrealistic, as I imagine people will pretty much use the internet to survive in the future! Adam would have grown up with it.

This book is aptly named ‘Chaos’ as there is nothing but that from beginning to end. It isn’t a particularly happy book,  but as I say about things like that, it will always make you feel better about your own life 😉 I did get a bit freaked out though by the 1st Jan 2027 date – because could something happen on that day?  Could Ward be right? But I guess you always get that with books set in the future – and George Orwell wasn’t right with 1984 was he?! 😉

Happy reading,



I have never had a head for numbers. You may have realised that I am more of a words kind of girl. 😉 That doesn’t mean that I am not fascinated by numbers though – even if I can’t always add them together very well 😉 For this reason, I would like to say that is why I was drawn to reading the book Numbers by Rachel Ward. But I was bought it randomly by my sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – random, just as numbers can be.

Numbers is a trilogy  – Numbers 2 Chaos and Numbers 3 Infinity completing the trio. So far, I have read the first two. And they are fantastic. Full of drama and twists and turns. And, I know we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover and all – but they are pretty ace too. Numbers also litter the pages and I swear I could see numbers along the closed pages when the book is shut – but I wasn’t sure if I was going a little crazy like the characters and thinking I could see numbers 😉

The first in the fantastic series….

But I haven’t told you enough to make you want to pick up a copy yet. In the first book, Jem is a troubled teenage girl and she can see numbers. In people’s eyes. It is a date. Of when they are going to die. As soon as I read that on the blurb, I was intrigued. I like psychological plots and I knew this would be one. Like, would she ever tell someone their number? Could she save lives? Will she find out her own number? It is compelling stuff because if you think about it, we all have a number. A death number. Without being too morbid, we are all going to die some day. But we don’t think about it because there is no point. We don’t know when it will be. Even if we have a terminal illness, we don’t know the exact day. Would you want to know? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I would be terrified of that day getting nearer. We all like to believe that we have a long stretch of life in front of us and maybe that’s what gets us from day-to-day.

But Jem does know. She sees a number each time she looks at someone, meaning that a lot of the time she doesn’t want to look people in the eye. She is a typical teenage girl in that she avoids eye contact and is awkward in social situations. She is not so typical for the reasons though: She not only sees the date that will end a person’s existence but she has lost her mum to drug addiction, she has no other family and gets shoved from foster home to foster home and she has no friend in the world. Depressing yes – so maybe not get it your teenager to help cheer them up 😉

It is however action packed and this begins when she meets Spider. Jem is a small, delicate, white girl. Spider in strong contrast is a tall, black, gangly bloke. They are opposites, yet find that one thing in common. They are both outcasts and both lonely.

The plot thickens when Jem and Spider are out for the day. Hanging out in London like teenagers do, they want to go on the London Eye but realise it’s too expensive. Jem quickly realises this is meant to be, as all the people around them, have the same death number. The date of that day. She manages to convince Spider, without telling him why, that they need to go. Minutes later, the London Eye explodes. Taking lives and reinforcing the fact that the numbers must be true! But they are seen running from the London Eye just before the explosion and the police think they are responsible for it. So they go on the run.

I won’t give more away but it all gets very intense as these two naive teenagers go on the run. Spider steals cars yet he has never driven one before. The whole country knows their faces so they have to keep hidden. And remember, as soon as Jem looked Spider in the eye, she knew his number. And she knows his fateful day is going to be soon. So it’s all about can she change his number? Can they stay hidden from the police and the press? Or is she going to have to come clean about her number visions?

It really is an amazing story and they are believable characters. Spider’s gran adds a lot of humour and wackiness to the story, whereas Karen, Jem’s foster Mum brings in the realistic and sensible elements – and tries to bring in some stability for Jem.

I’ll discuss the second book in a separate post – but if you like drama, action and romance, then this book is a great combination of all three! 🙂


Inbetween the Comedy

Tonight, I want to share one of my favourite comedy shows The Inbetweeners with you. Well, when I say ‘share’ I mean discuss the hilarity of it – as I am sure you will have already heard of it. If you are American then you now have your own versions. Ordinarily, I would say you are lucky but unfortunately for you it is shite (sorry I don’t usually swear but I thought it would be in keeping with the tone of this show – plus the US one really is shite! No other word will do!) So you Yanks, get U Tubing the UK versions – the original and the best!

The Inbetweeners is beyond funny in my eyes. It is crude yes and bursting upon disgusting at times (like when Neil punches the fish? Or Jay talks about  ‘clunge’ as if the search for it  – and the women attached – is a daily occurrence like eating your breakfast!) The reason I find it so funny is because it reminds me of my boyfriend and his mates when we were at sixth form. Every time I watch an episode it is like I am reliving those days. Not just because of the lads – but two of my friends had Fiat Cinquecentos! Haha.

The two years at sixth form when I did my A levels were the best of my life. I mean University was great but sixth form slightly tops it. I met my boyfriend and lots of friends – who so far have become friends for life (or definitely life into my twenties!) Compared to Uni, I didn’t have to ‘survive’ on my own yet so I had the ‘college’ life without the added responsibilities. And boy did we have a laugh! The lads did some stupid things just like the lads on the show. One of my favourite ones was where some of them wrote a letter to one of the lad’s home claiming to be off the Head about him masturbating at school. They used proper school headed paper and everything! Very funny.

So yes, every time I watch, it takes me down memory lane and I can’t help but chuckle away to the ‘laddish’ moments and the the pickle they always find themselves in. I mean, how could so many things go wrong for four teenage boys? A day of ‘grown up’ drinking whilst they bunk of school turns into a disaster of projectile vomiting onto a six-year-old (Simon) and Will calling Neil’s Dad a bumder! Haha. And a trip to Thorpe Park ends up with a car missing a door, a half-naked Neil and Will insulting Down Syndrome boys. Nice one again guys. Not to mention a night clubbing in London to impress some girls results in Will being told he speaks like he is in a ‘black and white film’, Simon wearing pissed on trainers (previously owned by a tramp) and Neil ending up with a cut on his penis after weeing in a drink’s can. And not forgetting the caravan club episode where Jay promises the lads lots of ‘clunge’, but really gives them his foul-mouthed and rear ended father….. with Neil dancing like a piece of elastic and pulling a goth and Simon getting it on with a thirteen year old. You couldn’t make this stuff up could ya? Well the writers kinds of did but you know…….. I realise how wrong this all sounds when it is written down and I am sure, if you have never seen it, you are now thinking ‘What the hell?!’ But on the screen it works. It just does. It is side splittingly funny. And no. The boys at sixth form weren’t as bad as that 😉

Let’s think about the four lads:


My favourite is Will. Aptly named, as he ‘will’ have a go and get there in the end – even if he makes, continuous mistakes on the way!  He is, of course the geeky one – which is probably why I can relate to him! 😉 I love the first episode where he is starting a new comprehensive school (after being at an all boys’ school) He has a briefcase and then to add to his ridiculous appearance, he is given a badge declaring ‘I am new – stop and say hello!’ His parents have recently split up, hence the new school. He has no friends. Yet, he is constantly optimistic and has an answer (often under his breath) to each insult that flies his way. People don’t stop and say ‘hello’ but shout ‘brief case wanker!’, ‘posh git’ or any other weird and abusive things at him. He strides along saying ‘oh that’s a new one!’ or ‘thanks very much’ and stays in his own little bubble. The other lads don’t want a geek as a friend…. but he is like a bad smell that won’t go away. They eventually learn to love his briefcase, the fact that he gets caught having a poo in school (and in an exam: ‘Phil, Phil, I thought it was a fart! I thought it was safe!’) and the fact that he is 17 but wants a dinner party!

We all need a Will in our lives and he would be the one I would choose as a boyfriend – now that I have matured a little! Back then, I probably would have chosen Simon 😉 But Will’s sense of humour (often aimed at one of the others – especially Neil – or his Dad!) and his absolute refusal to keep within social norms make him hilarious to watch. He is who he is, he makes no apologies for this and he has a very thick skin – apart from when his first heart-break occurs 😉  And he has his first drug experience 😉 ‘I really want my Mummy. I think I might be dead!’ Bit of a drama queen at times then……

Will  - he 'will' always be there, brief case and all!
Will – he ‘will’ always be there, brief case and all!


Simon is probably the one, like I said, I would have fancied at school. He is that stereotypical boy next door. He has the cute hair – which is fondly referred to as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ by Jay 😉 He has that baby face going on. He seems to be ‘nice and normal’. What makes me laugh with Simon is how absolutely unreasonable he is with his family. He screams at his Mum for commenting on his hair gel: ‘Why do you always do this?!’ and continually tells his younger brother to ‘F*ck off’. Even a mention of his Mum and he says ‘stupid bitch!’ And when his parents may be splitting up, his first thought is to ask for a new car off his Dad  (because he was so ungrateful for the yellow Fiat he got when he passed his test.) Not such a nice boy then.

Surprisingly, Simon seems to have the most luck from girls. Carly turns hot and cold like a tap, yet he follows her constantly  – as obvious as his bright yellow car! It works for a brief period, though and he gets his wish. He manages to get a few girls interested like Lauren on the field trip – but getting naked on the boat after falling in doesn’t help matters. The sock on his penis helps even less. He also gets a girlfriend ‘Tara’, but after getting naked and his penis failing to work for him, she loses interest too. So, things tend to go wrong for Simon, funnily enough, when he gets naked! And let’s face it, he is a bit of a sap isn’t he?   😉 But I like how he accepts Will into the group – whilst still remaining good friends with the polar opposite Jay – a friend to all is Simon. Just don’t let him near your little brother 😉

Simon  - who else would drive a yellow car with a red door?!
Simon – who else would drive a yellow car with a red door?!


Neil is the character we laugh at 80% of the time and laugh with the other 20%. But it could be 40% as Neil would have no idea that percentages need to add up to a hundred. Like he doesn’t know where Swansea is. Like his idea of intelligent dinner party conversation is to ask ‘how many Lego pieces you put up your bum.’ Like how he accepts an invitation to a field trip for Geography and Sociology (subjects that he doesn’t do) in order to help out an acclaimed paedophile teacher 😉 I do wonder to be honest how Neil got through school education in the first place, let alone get into sixth form! He says things like wanting to ‘drive a plane’ or when asked what he wants from the newspaper experience he says he won’t ‘nick anything!’. When asked for petrol money, he says, ‘what for?’ Er petrol Neil. He gives the other three brilliant opportunities to ‘take the piss,’ which from my own experience is half of what sixth form is about 😉

I love how in the film Neil ends up with the female version of himself. Perfect ending for the dopey simpleton. And remember, they both have ‘effics.’ (aka ethics) 😉

Neil - proof that you don't need GCSES to get into sixth form ;-)
Neil – proof that you don’t need GCSEs to get into sixth
form 😉


Jay provides us with many of the catch phrases from the series. You know, the ones that make the T-shirts and people can say or shout and everyone will know where it came from and instantly fall about laughing. I must admit, I bought my boyfriend a ‘Friend!’ T-shirt (with thumbs up signs). Jay didn’t come up with that one but it was aimed at him because he dared to be friendly to someone outside the foursome. Being insecure and embarrassed as he is (with a Dad like that, we get why!) he doesn’t laugh off the ‘friend’ comments or ignore them. No. He jumps on the ‘friend’s’ car. Until he damages it. As you do….

‘Bus Wankers,’ ‘Minge Mobile,’ and ‘Pussay Patrol’ are classic Jay quotes. He makes the others laugh with his pure filthy mind and gross insults. He also keeps them entertained with his exaggerations and, quite clearly, blatant lies. He has tried out for a famous football team, had sex with every girl within a ten-mile radius, has a drug dealer, who is ‘away’ when they want to use him. He goes clubbing ‘all the time.’ Has mates in the upper six who no one has heard of. He learned to drive when he was ten. Drinks all the time, yet can’t get served. And the list of bullshit goes on…….. Providing us with many funny moments – especially when the others always have a come back –  as they are clearly on to him 😉

Need a disgusting catchphrase? Or a tall story? Jay is your man (or boy)....
Need a disgusting catchphrase? Or a tall story? Jay is your man (or boy)….

So, if you need cheering up then these are your lads. If you don’t find their disgusting anecdotes amusing, or their guaranteed calamities hilarious or just their faces really funny  – then you can always relish in the fact that your life cannot be any worse than theirs 😉 On the bright side for them…. after sixth form things do get better – or at least they did for me and those I went to sixth form with 🙂

Anyone think there should be another movie? Maybe of them coming back after their first year at Uni? Again another ‘inbetween’ stage of life and again one that, with these guys, would be excellent viewing, I reckon!


To my 14-year-old self….

Image result for paper pen

Today I was inspired by the Daily Post: and I chose to write a letter to my 14 year old self… see below:

To my 14-year-old self,

I know you now prefer to be called Sam and not ‘Samantha’ because the full name seems too formal – this doesn’t change and you will be called Sam well into your adult life. Maybe ‘Samantha’ when you are naughty! It was funny when your five-year-old self got very annoyed at people shortening your name ‘My name is Samantha, not Sam!’ We all learn don’t we?

I know all you can think about at the minute is getting a boyfriend and hanging out with friends.  You realise into your twenties that there is always something that you will be striving for and working towards. That is life. By the age of 27, the good news is that, you have most things sorted – a relationship, a great circle (or many circles!) of friends, a family you see frequently, and have good relationships with (well most of them!) and a job you are happy with. You also own a house with your boyfriend. But you will be striving to get your writing career off the ground, writing books, stories, poems, blogs etc. You were never ambitious at school and just wanted to get the grades you needed for the next step. Never really knew what you wanted to do! You manage this and go onto sixth form – where funnily enough you will end up working at that school when you are 23! Your lack of driven ambition doesn’t really change either…. as long as you are happy doing what you are doing you just swim along nicely – not a bad way to live your life I suppose. This is probably why you haven’t done more to get your writing out there yet. You realise too, though, that work/life balance is something that is very important to you and something you will always ensures happens.

My advice to you as the 14 year old me is to not worry so much. You seem to be going through a teenage depression phase at the minute. This won’t last too long and you will soon realise that you can be happy and confident and get hold of this life thing! Do not be concerned with what people think of you – you will never be short of friends. The ones who do think badly of you don’t matter anyway. You will probably buy CDs because your mates have; fancy singers because other people do and you will probably go drinking on a Friday night with the ‘cool’ people because you want to fit in. You need to do this. You will then realise years later that you are one of the ‘cool’ people after all. You are liked by a lot of people and making the effort to stay in touch with people from your past will pay off. The Granville ten year school reunion will be amazing and you will never feel so happy and confident. You will realise how far you have come and how happy with your life you are. Oh and don’t worry about the whole boyfriend thing yet – you won’t get one until you are 17 anyway! So just enjoy flirting with boys and chatting to your friends about them!

You have always been a home gal and that won’t change really either. You love nothing more than a day or night in at your own house. Buying things for it and attempting to decorate! But your love of home could be a problem earlier on: the university years. You will spend most of your first year yearning for home and not enjoying the experience! So from my experience try not to. Try not to go home every weekend – you will probably settle in easier and save money too. Make the most of it because otherwise you will find you are finally enjoying the lifestyle and then you have to come home for four months anyway! Oh and in your summer job, don’t fall asleep on the job and get fired! Just a tip…

Keep working hard at school – put your heart and soul into English. This is the subject you will focus on, be the best at, and will end up making a career out of. Also try and start writing some poetry now because you will make life for the 26-year-old me much easier! On another note though, try hard with Maths and Science still. I know, I know, you only want a C and you hate the subjects. But they are still important and you will realise this when you are trying to add up bills etc and help kids at school in these subjects!

You won’t realise what line of work you want to do until you are 23. This is okay and you will have fun working in different environments and with different people. If a job comes up at a certain pet shop, though, don’t take it! Or, I guess, we can’t control the path of life so you probably will take it. But try and stand up for yourself more and quit on the night of the staff meeting where you are publically demoted and humiliated. (Don’t wait a month after this like I did). This may help you get over it more quickly because as you near 27 you are only just starting to get over the horrible experience now!

You will pass your driving test when you are 23. This is a painful experience for all concerned. Two years worth of lessons, four instructors and five tests later you will pass!! My advice would be to chill out a bit and go out practising more…. oh and start your lessons a little earlier! We never have been very practically and logically minded have we? But as I say, you do it eventually! Don’t give up!

I wish you had kept a diary when you were 14. You do from the age of 16 to 21 and they are fascinating reads now! I remember how you feel at 14 though. As I said earlier, this isn’t your happiest time and you are just coming into yourself. Remember when you were 11 and that boy fancied you? You thought to yourself, ‘oh I am too young… why can’t this have happened when I was 14?’ you thought you would be so much more grown-up at 14. I bet now you are thinking how mature you will feel at 27… Well I don’t! I still feel too selfish and immature to have children myself…. so we will see when the 35 year old self writes to you! My scary age is 30 at the minute. And I bet for you it is 18! Adult age…. but I promise you, you will still feel like a kid for many more years yet. Your 20s are great because you get to the grown-up thing whilst acting like a kid too. That’s why I am dreading my 30s; you can’t get away with as much!

Anyway, it is great that I can speak to you like this. When you are in your early twenties, you will discover a book and film called The Time Traveller’s Wife and it is great. The man in that gets to time travel and talk to his younger or older self. The thing is he can never change the course of history. And I guess I can’t either. You won’t pass your driving test until you are 23, you will take that pet shop job just as you will get fired from the summer job in a factory. You will be homesick at the start of uni. It is all meant to happen but the good news is, it happened, you survived it and learnt from it. And you are happy and secure in the present day.

Love your (almost) 27-year-old self.

P.s – you will still love Spice Girl’s songs when you are 27!

Hope you enjoyed that and I guess you know me better after reading that! It is like writing to another person, I really enjoyed doing it. I recommend you try it too!


A Little Magic at the Weekend…..

I don’t know if there are any Harry Potter fans out there? But yesterday I was Harry Potter. My boyfriend’s sister had a Harry Potter themed party (well it was actually Harry Potter, Merlin, Disney, Percy Jackson and randomness but let’s stick with Harry Potter to keep it simple!) I painted some house banners, you know of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin to decorate the house and I wore a Daniel Radcliffe mask….. that I had to add a red lightning scar to make it authentic….. a wand, a cloak, a scarf and tie. Very funny.

Me in my Harry Potter gear………….Expelliarmus!

There was lot of activities supplied by my boyfriend’s Mum. We had to go and do a treasure hunt yesterday. This involved looking round our local town for random things such as flowers, bus tickets, leaflets, newspapers etc and ticking them off as we went! Bear in mind that I was dressed as above (though I must confess that I left the wand and mask at the house and in my long, black winter coat I looked quite normal… well for me!), my boyfriend’s sister and her mates were dressed as random Harry Potter students and Bellatrix Lestrange and my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend was dressed brightly as Luna Lovegood! So yes, we looked a right sight and it made me think that it could be real. Like in the books where the wizards visit the muggle world. That is what it could have been! A group of people at one point were getting into a car dressed as witches (for a Halloween party I assume!) and they said,’Oh look, we aren’t the only weirdos about!’ I said to my boyfriend’s sister that it would have been really funny if they had exclaimed, ‘Err we aren’t in fancy dress… we are actually witches and just visiting your muggle world for the afternoon!’ That would have been really funny and an attempt to bring Harry Potter and the world of Hogwarts to life for the afternoon!

Anyway, the treasure hunt went well. The other team consisted of my boyfriend, his twin, their brother and his mate. So girls vs boys. They boys won, sadly, but I was really pleased with how we did because we didn’t spend a penny (on getting items like Macdonald’s wrappers… we hunted the floor…. or a bus ticket…. one of us charmed the bus driver to give us a stub.) We also went on foot, whereas the boys went in the car. This meant we were slower but not by much! So I think we did very well in that case. Shame we didn’t have actual broomsticks to use like in the film!

I want to end this post byexpressing my ultimate envy for J.K Rowling. Not for the money and the fame. If i was going to be famous, I would want it to be for writing a book and she just has it so good having written a great series of books that have appealed for years to all ages. And then eight great films get made too! It is just such an original idea (even though there was some controversy over her getting the idea from another book about wizards or something?) She not only created great characters but a whole new world, language and culture. I am in awe. I would love to come up with such an idea that I could write seven books about. Maybe it is in me somewhere!

Have a magical evening!