Barking Mad!

I have had an interesting day yesterday. I volunteered at a Rescue Dog Weekend event at a store called Just for Pets. My boyfriend’s Mum is the volunteer coordinator for the Border Collie Trust so she naturally ropes me and other family members in at times 😉 It is very interesting and I don’t mind getting stuck in from time to time – even though I must confess that I am not a dog lover as such.

You would be amazed at how many dogs get abandoned/abused/thrown out (literally, in the dog’s case that I am about to mention). So, I urge you dog lovers out there to consider rehoming a rescue dog. They need homes, you want a dog. Everyone wins.

The star of the weekend was a dog called Frankie. Only just over a month ago, little Frankie was thrown from a moving van. The worst abuse possible? Sort of, but up until that moment he had been neglected and pretty much starved. So even though him being thrown from a van was an awful, disgusting, inhumane action – it actually did Frankie a lot of good in the long run. He was with my boyfriend’s Mum for a good few weeks as a temporary foster home. He was taught to eat properly, got his strength, had operations and had numerous chances to socialise with their two dogs  – amongst others. He now has a ‘forever’ home, as people in the dog rescue world call it. So a happy end to a sad tail 😉

Frankie is now a strong and happy puppy in a good home
Frankie is now a strong and happy puppy in a good home

He was at this event this weekend you see, with his new family. He showed the local people how well he had come along and was a perfect example of the brilliant effect decent people can have on rescue dogs. I’ll take this opportunity to share my boyfriend’s Mum’s blog with you: You can read more about Frankie and other dog related stories there – and they will be more from the dog lover’s perspective and with lots of canine knowledge 😉

Along, with the dogs this weekend came the humans. I’d forgotten in all honesty how hard it was to stand for a full day and serve the general public (I used to do this on a daily basis when I worked in retail!) I was really tired by the end of the day. The public can be great – they can also be not. For events like this though, we are lucky because most people want to be there and have chosen to come. Therefore, they are friendly and approachable. I remembered though from when I worked in shops, that you get those people who are demanding, unhygienic and a little annoying. Let me just say that I was ever so slightly reminded of that yesterdayday 😉 I’ll say no more….

Even with the unpredictable public,  I recommend volunteering to you all. It can seem a bit of a drag when you have to give up your day, I’ll admit. But I always feel happy when I have done it. I’ve contributed to something, helped to raise money, talked to the lonely woman with her dog, made another volunteer a cup of tea or just been there to make other’s jobs easier. You don’t have to spare a lot of time, the odd day here and there, or even the odd hour. Because we don’t always have to give donations of money to these causes, sometimes we can give something much more precious – our time.

On a final note of this one-off, short, doggy blog…… the other celebrity of the weekend who combines dogs and humans: Lauren/Olly Paws aka Olly Collie:

A dancing Collie to attract dogs and humans!
A dancing Collie to attract dogs and humans!

Yes, Olly the Collie helped to raise the £423 for the Border Collie Trust! Whether Barking mad or not – the furry dressed, dancing human worked! 😉

Woof woof for now. 😉